Old (before 5/15) map format is much easier to use

The old route mapping format from before the premium transition was for the most part really good- routes were easy to modify by dragging around the line in the middle of the route and adding waypoints, the map was really clear and easy to read. I switched because it was much easier than mapmyrun and didn't have the waypoint cap from Google maps. 

I've found the new version after upgrading (5/21) to be really hard to read and much less visually appealing; the line doesn't respond very well to dragging it around in the middle, and also the ability to show veloviewer tiles has disappeared which is disappointing. Was hoping that the mapping feature with the new updates (eg. route suggestor) would justify going to premium but I greatly preferred the prior version



  • Agreed! I signed up for a paid membership just to access the route planner, and the new version is almost completely unusable. I really liked the old one.

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  • Totally Agree. Before, different roads were distinct. Now everything is just a white line which is an absolute nightmare when A and B roads run next to each other. Yes the menu's look a bit flashier but the actual map overlays are rubbish. 
    Motorways are the same colour as normal roads, it's ridiculous. 

    They have the option for different map overlays so I would love to see the return of the previous overlay.
    My main issues with the new one is that:
    - Roads are all the same white colour
    - No distinction of motorways from legally ridable roads
    - No outlining of national parks or AONB's on the map, which has always been amazingly helpful in planning routes.

    Yes it looks prettier in screenshots but new route builder is functionally worse than the old one. Really all they would have to do is add an extra overlay to the existing list to include either the old one they used to use, or the google maps one, like every other route builder out there (Eg Garmin). 

    But come on, why even include the light and dark overlays, who in their right mind would build a route from that overlay??

    In the mean time ill be switching back to the Garmin course creator.


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