NEW Route And Seeing Segments Post Creation


First let me say I love Strava and the platform you have created.  Your changes to fee's is more than appropriate and I support your vision in total.  Thank you for all you do.

I have paid for your service since 2016 and recently started viewing and using segments in my training and general rides.  Since I am new to it I am using the search feature with a fresh set of eyes.

Here's my thought on a feature change.  I love the new route builder and have preferred it for years over RWGPS, but the Strava routes did not play nice with Wahoo.  I believe that has been improved.  I built a route in Strava and want to see segments to 'star' and it is pretty simple while building the map, but overwhelming.  SO in order to see the segment after I save the map I have to go into "EDIT MAP" to see and zoom in on segments I want to star.  I recommend a 'click button' on the page you are viewing your finished and saved map so you don't have to go into 'edit' mode to look at new segments one may want to 'star.'

Thank you for reading and considering.



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