Strava changes - disappointed - cant retrieve past times without signing up

The recent Strava changes. As a senior Road and MTB cyclist (70yrs), I am not interested in the detail so will never sign up.  I know my regular circuits will only get slower. OK I miss seeing how other 70 yr olds are doing but its not a biggy! My disappointment is that since the changes I have been unable to view my past efforts other than the last 6 segments. But the 6 I can see on my Samsung S7 are over-typed so they are unreadable. Is this intended to entice you to upgrade? Surely not! Please can people like us have access to our own past results. Personally I don't need deeper analysis.




  • I was upset about this myself. I think a line should be drawn in that my data is mine and available for free, it is when my data is shown in conjunction with other's data that I should pay. We got a letter from the Strava CEO when they changed subscription policies and this goes counter to it.

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