Web Route Editing and Automated Route Planning

When editing a route, please don't change the entire route unless I enable an option to do so.  Manual mode is not what I'm looking for - I'd still like minor edits to snap to the road.

I have existing routes that I sometimes duplicate to add relatively small extensions.  I have all of the preference options off.  If I make a small change to the route, for example, adding a waypoint, the route builder seems to take that as permission to totally alter the entire route to something completely different.  Many of these are carefully curated, edited repeatedly over time to improve the ride.  I'm not interested in totally changing them.

Going forward, I'd like to have more control over automatic changes to the route.  I am amenable to automatic suggestions and I love the idea of doing something a little different, but I would like to have the option to be able to quickly make small changes that leave the rest of the route the same.



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