What about us hikers?

Long time user, recent subscriber.  I'm an avid hiker.  I was disappointed to learn that Route Builder was only for running and biking.  Even sadder to learn that I couldn't use my new Garmin 945 for Live Segment tracking. All because I'm not a runner.  Finally, heat maps, goals, training plans, year in review - all exclude us lowly hikers.  Please expand your offerings to help those of us who can't run and make us more anxious to be paying subscribers.



  • Not only that but the need for all activities to combine multiples and/or days. Riding, running, or hiking from Mexico to Canada? We should be able to combine segments into one large adventure with it logging the stop points and aggregating all the other data.

    Hiking stats or any meaningful data? Not in Strava. BIG mistake to leave all of this out of the app. People have been asking for a long time for this stuff.

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  • Totally agree!  For those of us who can not run or ride allow our dashboards the option for 'hike' and 'walk'. Thanks!

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