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Good afternoon, I present my most heartfelt complaints about the direction that the Strava application is taking, although I do not agree that they do not allow me to see my position in the various segments, I can accept this because it has information from other users, however I find it shameful and even illegal not letting me see the history of the times in my activities, this information is mine and not from strava. I hope that anyone who is responsible in the strava will take steps to correct this. I am deeply disappointed with your parents, I even indicated to a very good friend the strava application but now I am looking for a similar application.
I hope you resolve these issues.
thank you

Paulo Marques
Strava user 1396499



  • opino lo mismo... mis resultados tienen que mostrarse ya que los estan utilizando para cobrar a los demas

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  • How would it be "illegal" in any way?  The original data is yours, but you are voluntarily giving it to them by choosing to use their application.  They are just not providing you a feature to view the data as you would like.  That is 100% their choice.  You have the option to not give them your data and also the option to use another service.  

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