• Hi Davy,

    it happened to me some times when I got TOP10 times. 
    Just give it time and it should update. Or try to toggle between the privacy settings of your activity:
    private -> everyone
    private -> only followers
    etc etc. 

    This helped me in the past refreshing the achievements of a ride. 

    There is also an option in your ride window: " Refresh Activity Achievemtns". 
    In my experience, this has not always worked. 


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  • It shows up as a KOM with a crown for you when I look at it.

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  • This is happening all the time of late. Really disappointing that subscribers have to suffer this. I've submitted many problem tickets myself. Nothing seems to get done. Surely with it now being a must pay service, basic but key and USP features like this should actually work.

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  • I second what Martyn said.  I'm in my free trial period but if Strava doesn't get this squared away, I will cancel.  Do they even monitor these discussions?  I can't find anywhere to give feedback.

    Another thing not working is automatic flagging and deletion of erroneous efforts.

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  • It's not a bug. To broaden Nico's reply: you have to have an activity visible to "Everyone" in order to qualify for the leaderboard (this is outlined in Activity Privacy Controls here: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216919377-Activity-Privacy-Controls)

    So set this activity - or any activity you want to have qualify for Leaderboards - to "Everyone" and it will appear. 

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  • Same here, got the KOM but it does not update on leaderboard, just showing my previous effort (Activity privacy control set in Everyone) 


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  • This happens occasionally to me too. It actually seems to affect the activity I uploaded a couple of hours ago.

    I've found Strava service status page https://status.strava.com/ - it shows if there are any known problems.

    Currently, the service status page says:

    Segment leaderboard updates are delayed

    Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
    Jun 30, 21:57 PDT

    Strava.com Degraded Performance


    So, basically, there are some problems processing leaderboards, Strava folks are working on them, hopefully the issue will get resolved soon.

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  • Note to initial comment below - my PR's and the KOM were updated at some stage after my initial post. Clearly there was just a delay, so I guess at times we just have to be patient...

    Original post:

    I have just had the exact same thing occur to me today. It's obviously an update issue as my new PR on a segment should be the KOM, but the All time leaderboard still has my old, non-KOM time. What is interesting is that none of my other new PR's from this ride have been reflected in the leaderboards either.

    Even stranger is that when clicking on a segment on the ride page, the new time is listed as a PR, but in the top 10 pop up list my PR is listed as the old one. But if I view the full leaderboard, my new PR time is listed as my all time PR, but not as the KOM, even though it is faster. Stranger still is the new PR time is listed on the leaderboard for Today, This Week, This Month, but not for This Year or All time...

    And FYI I have:

    - refreshed the segment

    -recalculated all segments for the ride

    - made sure the ride is set to be visible by everyone

    I guess I just have to wait and see if it updates in time.

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  • I found out what happened. 

    A good few hours after I posted this, somewhere, somehow the magic happened and all of my PR's and KOM's appeared with a good delay in time.

    The only remedy is: have some patience before you can brag with your mates :P 

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