Dinghy Sailing as an activity


As many other posts have requested, please can dinghy sailing be added as an activity type on Strava? Here is why I think it should be added:

  - Dinghy sailing is an olympic sport

  - Many other people have requested sailing to be added

  - In this thread: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000467644-Add-your-vote-for-new-Strava-Activity-Types , sailing has many downvotes - i.e. by people who don't want sailing to be added as an activity type - but if it were, it wouldn't affect anyone who wouldn't want it to be added in any way.

  - Strava is a really good app for tracking running and cycling - by adding sailing, a whole group of people get this functionality for very little effort on the part of Strava - and might subscribe  to the paid version.

Many thanks,




  • Yes please - I use my Garmin to log Dinghy Races/Training and it's great.  Heart rate, segments etc may all be a bit flakey given then amount of spray around but I would like it in my Strava log too.  At the moment I record it as Yoga which reflects the mindful nature of the sport ;)

    Yes - Dinghy Racing can require strength, endurance, agility and very high levels of fitness.  Just try racing a skiff type boat in 20kts or more of wind and a big sea - I train for it by running/cycling up hills!

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  • Yes, please add sailing as an activity!

    I find threads from 2012 requesting this, is it really that hard? 

    Or maybe just a response, saying "It is really hard."?



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