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  • Make "Segment Explore" URLs shareable

    Segment Explore is a great feature. It would be better if the URL for a particular view could be shared. For example, if I am looking at going to Boulder, CO and search for that location, then filt...

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  • Responsive design ordering for new feed

    Currently the new design, when shrinking the width of the window, prioritizes the "dashboard-athlete-feed" row. I have to scroll past that to get to the actual feed items. The athlete items are not...

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  • Run page enhancements

    Some suggestions to make the run activity pages better (to me at least): Seeing the laps as I marked them on my device. You force a split distance (mile for me, I assume km if that is your settin...

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  • Enhance Run Activity Page Features

    Over 3 years since the new pages were rolled out. Some changes I'd love to see incorporated: Seeing the laps I mark on my device. Only the forced splits (mile for me, I assume km if that is your ...

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