Strava App won't Auto-Pause with Samsung Galaxy s7

We've seen a few reports of the Strava App failing to autopause when the phone is stationary, causing the activity's total moving time to be more than it should be. If your GPS is functioning poorly, it will jump around making it seem like you are moving when you are in fact stopped. This is an issue with the phone's GPS and is not isolated to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Autopause issues can happen with any mobile phone if the GPS signal is weak or inaccurate.

To troubleshoot issues with Strava's auto-pause feature:

  • Consult these GPS troubleshooting recommendations.
  • Consider disabling the auto-pause feature. When you save your activity to Strava, we automatically take out any resting time.


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  • Hello S7 users,

    I've sent your examples to the Android team. We've found that the issues is primarily this:

    When you would expect auto-pause to activate when stopped, the GPS is reading non-zero speeds preventing the app from pausing.
    In other words, the issue is not with the Strava app's auto-pause feature, but instead with the GPS data feeing into the Strava app which is disrupting the feature's expected behavior.

    As far as we can tell, this issue is not isolated to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and can happen with any mobile phone if the GPS signal is weak or inaccurate.

    To address this unexpected behavior with Strava's auto-pause feature:

    • Please consult these GPS troubleshooting recommendations.
    • Consider disabling the auto-pause feature. When you save your activity to Strava, we automatically take out any resting time.


    Thanks, and sorry for the continued trouble.

  • I sort of gave up with this as it seemed strava had anyway, but something recently made it annoy me again (admittedly more than it should). Probably because the problem is still there and the idea that it performs less accurately than with older models of phone. It just seems a little bit unacceptable. I also think there was some lack of belief that riders had noted this significant problem, and it's been ignored. Anyway, a few points I want to outline:

    I work as a deliveroo rider and log miles for tax purposes. I used to be a courier in London also and did the same back then 4 years ago. So I have a good idea about what my average speeds for a whole days work are compared to what they have been in the past year with my s7. I always leave strava running the whole day, spend periods of time stationary, in and out of buildings etc, and lots of stop starting. So the fact that I notice the disparity between my day's average speed before the s7 (nexus5) and with the s7 with exactly the same behaviour on my part suggested to me something is happening here. No combination of gos setting and battery mode seema to solve the issue. On a number of occasions in this thread you mentioned the disruption of gps when going indoors and that riders should manually turn it off at these times. But this is missing the point. Though this does indeed happen, the problem is now far worse than it used to be with older phones, and a greater more magnified disparity of speed if you're taking long breaks etc. So if you're doing a more continuous uninterrupted ride you see less of this issue. Having said that there are still noticeable disparities here too, but not as magnified. This is evident when I go for a ride with someone who has an iPhone. they always have a faster, more accurate, average speed. I'll attach links to two days work in Manchester, where my pattern of behaviour will be identical. Note the large disparity in average speed between the faster (nexus 5) and slower (s7). I think many people will have stopped using strava because of this and it needs to be addressed; perhaps firstly it actually needs to be understood, and the Strava team need to start listening to their customers. The situation is analagous to a PhD student noticing something about their data because of their constant daily involvement in a specefic area of research. They then tell their Supervisor numerous times they believe such and such is happening, but to deaf ears. So the supervisor doesn't believe the data, tell them they are doing something wrong, and tell them to do the experiment again...Strava is the supervisor here...

  • The same issue here with my new S7 Edge - verry dissapointing. Try to delete all app data an re-install Strava again - but no luck. Working great on my S4 and S5! When it will be fixed!? 

    EDIT: I forgot - it works without problems with "Runtastic Bike pro"!

  • I just got a Galaxy S7 and my auto-pause doesn't work properly. On a 5h30m outing, my 3 friends show a 3h45m moving time while I show 5h15m. This is just one example, but all rides are like this. Any idea when this will be fixed?

  • Same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S7, turned auto-pause off today and it does deduct for the stops that auto-pause wasn't picking up. But still not ideal. No issues with power saving for Strava, so this doesn't fix the problem.

    Last night's ride where auto-pause didn't work

    This morning's ride without auto-pause

    Loads of examples where auto-pause hasn't worked on my activity feed if you need more examples. Anything prior to today on the bike.

    Switching to Runkeeper until this is resolved . . .

  • I don't buy that "the issue is not with the Strava app's auto-pause feature" as other apps I've tried seem to have no issues auto-pausing on my S7. However I did try turning of Stravas auto-pause and got higher average speed once saved so maybe there is some merit it this.

  • For reference, this is what it looks like when autopause isn't initiated due to a devices GPS accuracy most likely due to going indoors. This causes the location to jump around and make Strava think you were still moving:

    In these situations, we recommend manually pausing the app. 

  • I started to use s8 in the last 2 weeks and since than i have a lot of problems in auto pause, which i did not have while using my s5. This is my last ride

  • Hi I have had the same problem with my s7 with strava autopause.
    This ride i stopped at the same places as my friend and his autopause worked and mine didn't.
    Moving time and av speed are very different.

  • So I just got an s7 and did a nice long ride, and what it seems to be doing is going fine for about a mile, then it stops tracking, but keeps the timer going, then when I stop the ride, it teleports to my position. I deleted those rides, because I thought it was just an issue with my phone but then I found this. My next recording should have the same problem.

  • Twice now I've had the app fail to record my ride correctly. Both times, it tells me I am going something insane like 628mph. It also only seems to record location at the start and end of my ride on the map. for example. I did have a power saving setting on, which I've turned off now and will hopefully resolve the issue.

  • For all users experiencing this issue, try disabling auto-pause in your Strava settings - it works.

    Since disabling it on my S7 Edge, avg speed and moving time are corrected once the ride is saved, as Jacques and others have found.

  • Hi, I recently swapped from an S3 to an S7 and I'm getting the same autopause issue. On a 3 hour ride with a few stops the S7 will record an extra 20 minster of moving time.

    I've downloaded the gps status app on both phones and with them running side by side but not moving I've noticed that the speed reading on the S7 is constantly moving between 0 and 0.1-0.5 km/H every few seconds.

    Would this small amount be enough to make the strava app think the phone is still moving?

  • I also have a Samsung Galaxy S7, and also have the problem that its does not auto pause. I was out with a friend on 05/04/17 and my moving time was 15 minutes longer than his.

    My ride:

    Friend's ride:

  • Have done a few rides with auto-pause switched off. Seems to work fine. Strava skips non-riding time when uploading.

    Still it's very dissapointing that Strava doesn't react at all on these comments.

  • Hi, I'd like to add too that I also have an S7 and my autostop doesn't appear to work properly either! My cycle computer showed 32 miles and averaged 18.6 mph yet strava from the s7 showed the same 32 miles yet 17.6!! I thought I'd lost fitness since getting my new phone!! Is there any more news to this being fixed? Or is it best to switch off autostop for now?!

  • Same issues here. Very dissapointing!
    I checked the app 'GPS Status'. It indicates almost continuously a speed higher than zero, even if my phone is lying still.

    I think the solution should be simple. Just increase the minimim speed, under which Strava pauses automaticly.
    Or is this thought too simplistic?


  • Hi, I'd like to add too that I also have an S7 and my autostop doesn't appear to work properly either! My cycle computer showed 32 miles and averaged 18.6 mph yet strava from the s7 showed the same 32 miles yet 17.6!! I thought I'd lost fitness since getting my new phone!! Is there any more news to this being fixed? Or is it best to switch off autostop for now?!

  • Definitely got this problem for cycling with the Strava app on an S7. Also seems to happen when walking - had a kilometre added to my stroll to work the other day. At a guess, the motion sensor on the S7 is more sensative than the Strava app allows for.

  • I don't get it and understand it; the problem exist's for 3 months and no further solution or reaction here from Strava stuff!? That's really poor (sorry)

  • Unbelievable and already naughty, the starva doesn't react here and already fixed the problem. Keep in mind, that the problem has been around for half a year! But apple user have premium support and that would be unthinkable ... Dissapointing

  • Hi Ellie, Thank you for looking at this issue as it has been very frustrating to me. I never had this problem with my S4 Galaxy. Now with exactly the same routes using the Galaxy S7 Edge the Auto-Pause feature does not activate. I do not use the Power Save feature as my phone is new and the battery life is great. I do not have any other apps installed to reduce battery use or change performance from "Normal".

  • Recently spotted autopause not working on my Samsung S8. Kept running when stopping at a feed station on a sportive. Have tried reinstalling the app.still doesn't work.

    not a problem on this phone in the past. GPS signal fine. Same again today.

  • I'am waiting for over 5 mounth - still not fixed. Instead of that new features with every update. I guess, if this issue would effect only one iPhone, it would be fixed in a few weeks. What an appreciation for customers....Furthermore, it is sad that no Strava employee answers here and post a statement.... Just my 2 cent...

  • In relation to the recent comments, there's a certain feeling of accomplishment when you are recorded as having travelled several kilometres while sitting and enjoying a cold beer or two. But I can understand it is a bit less amusing when you are relying on the information as part of your work. As with many problems, Strava won't be able to solve it until they admit it exists. Then again, hardly anyone owns Samsung S7s or S8s, so maybe it doesn't really matter.

  • Having the same issue. It's very annoying when your finished and there is a huge difference in average speed and time

  • Having issues with autopause not working ever since upgrading to S7. Worked fine on S5.

  • I appear to have had problems with this yesterday:

    Two segments in particular look to have been affected - once when I stopped for a short time to meet my friend (Warmley to Bitton), then another when we had a coffee break - which resulted in 44 mins for a 1 mile flat segment (lake to fork)

    I've turned off auto-pause now so I'll keep an eye on how this affect performance moving forward. For the record, I have a Samsung S7. I haven't had this problem with any other phones. An Android update issue perhaps?

  • S7 Edge here - having the same problem. Fix this [email protected]#%@# Strava! I am going to switch to Runtastic and pay them for the privilege of having working autopause if this is not addressed soon.

  • Very frustrating that the first complaints regaring the auto-pause function and Samsung S7 were reported almost 1 year ago and that it still hasn't been resolved by now :-((.

    Today I had a flat tire. I stood still for approx. 20 minutes. Strava counted it as moving time. Looking at the GPS data in more detail it shows that the speed was zero and no significant change in GPS location.

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