Strava App won't Auto-Pause with Samsung Galaxy s7

The Support team has collected a few reports of the Strava App failing to auto-pause when the S7 phone is stationary, causing the Activity's total moving time to be inaccurate (more than it should be). The reports also seem to be running Android OS 6. 

For example, a Strava member stops for 10 minutes to fix a flat tire, and those 10 minutes are included in the activity's total "Moving Time" because the timer doesn't auto-pause. Keep in mind that this issue is not the same as time being added to Segments, and also keep in mind that you'll need to be completely stationary for auto-pause to activate: entering a building can disrupt the GPS signal, and walking around while taking a break from your activity can both "un-pause" the auto-pause. 

That being said, we recommend checking your phone to disable any battery saving settings, or set the performance to "normal". 

Those of you experiencing this issue, please add your comment below and include a link to your activity as an example with a brief description. 

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  • For reference, this is what it looks like when autopause isn't initiated due to a devices GPS accuracy most likely due to going indoors. This causes the location to jump around and make Strava think you were still moving:

    In these situations, we recommend manually pausing the app. 

  • Definitely got this problem for cycling with the Strava app on an S7. Also seems to happen when walking - had a kilometre added to my stroll to work the other day. At a guess, the motion sensor on the S7 is more sensative than the Strava app allows for.

  • Stephen, added distance to an activity (as opposed to just added moving time) is a separate issue but may be related. Usually it means that the sensor and/or GPS hardware is indeed overactive. Try our recommended GPS troubleshooting steps and then try recording again to see if your accuracy improves.

  • Hi Ellie, Thank you for looking at this issue as it has been very frustrating to me. I never had this problem with my S4 Galaxy. Now with exactly the same routes using the Galaxy S7 Edge the Auto-Pause feature does not activate. I do not use the Power Save feature as my phone is new and the battery life is great. I do not have any other apps installed to reduce battery use or change performance from "Normal".

  • Thanks Mark, can you share an activity with us and point out the moving time data compared to what you would expect?

  • my Friend and I use strava cycling with S4 never a problem with auto friend got Samsung Galaxy S7 the auto pause wont pause at full stops and keeps going it hasnt worked at all
    when i got my S7 same thing auto pause wont kick in at all stop ride sit next to bike for up to 10 mins it still wont pause
    no battery saving apps location turned off and on checked that its on best setting phone turned off and on
    I use my S4 its flawless mate uses runtastic now

  • Thanks Aaron - have you tried the GPS troubleshooting steps we recommend (AGPS Reset) prior to recording? I'm curious if the GPS accuracy is preventing the autopause from turning on, or if it's an issue with the OS or Strava app.

  • Hello,

    I own a S7, and auto pause is not working. Two of my friends also own S7 phones, and their strava won't auto pause. I have un checked every possible battery saving option available, but still can not get my auto pause to work. This is VERY frustrating, since my ride time is greatly increased.

  • Hi I have had the same problem with my s7 with strava autopause.
    This ride i stopped at the same places as my friend and his autopause worked and mine didn't.
    Moving time and av speed are very different.

  • Gav - It looks like autopause took about 20 minutes of stopped time out of your activity. I'm guessing there should have been more? If that is the case, the autopause might be working a little, but not accurately enough.

    For those who have already commented, sending along an activity link like Gav did would be really helpful. I'll follow up with the team when they return to work next week.

  • Elle,
    It's taken me a little time to get around to this. Here's a ride from the other day where the autopause clearly failed (there's a segment with an average speed of 5.6 km/h, for example, where I stopped to talk to a friend, and another of less than 3 km/h:
    And strangely, here's a short ride from this morning where the autopause worked, at least briefly:
    But mostly when I stop and remember to check, the autopause isn't working. As with other people who have posted about this, it worked pretty much flawlessly on my Galaxy s4, but not with the S7.
    ... Stephen

  • I had the same issue with a s7 on this ride: I think the moving time was more like 3h15 instead of 4h06 (I had two flats and only one spare...). Strangely the average speed on the analysis page seems to be accurate, while the average on the activity page is much lower (in line with the moving time).

  • Same problems here. Very disappointing.
    This is the s7 edge route with no auto pause seemingly working.

    My friends route running at the same time and finishing and starting together on am iphone 6.

    This is a usual route with auto pause working on an iPhone 6 for me

  • I'm having troubles as well.

    This is my ride this morning (Samsung S7):

    This is my mate on the same ride (iphone):

    Because my phone won't auto pause I've got twice the moving time & half the Avg speed.

  • Same issue with my Galaxy S7. Have switched to another tracker app until Strava sort this out.

  • Hello S7 users,

    I've sent your examples to the Android team. We've found that the issues is primarily this:

    When you would expect auto-pause to activate when stopped, the GPS is reading non-zero speeds preventing the app from pausing.
    In other words, the issue is not with the Strava app's auto-pause feature, but instead with the GPS data feeing into the Strava app which is disrupting the feature's expected behavior.

    As far as we can tell, this issue is not isolated to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and can happen with any mobile phone if the GPS signal is weak or inaccurate.

    To address this unexpected behavior with Strava's auto-pause feature:

    • Please consult these GPS troubleshooting recommendations.
    • Consider disabling the auto-pause feature. When you save your activity to Strava, we automatically take out any resting time.


    Thanks, and sorry for the continued trouble.

  • Having issues with autopause not working ever since upgrading to S7. Worked fine on S5.

  • I'm facing the same issue with my S7. The troubleshooting was done and the problem still happening. =/

  • ellie just use any S7 it wont pause and please tell us when it will work again

  • I don't buy that "the issue is not with the Strava app's auto-pause feature" as other apps I've tried seem to have no issues auto-pausing on my S7. However I did try turning of Stravas auto-pause and got higher average speed once saved so maybe there is some merit it this.

  • I tried disabling auto-pause as Elle recommended on my S7 Edge. It worked, when I save the journey, average speed and time in-motion now match my cycle computer. In fact, it seems more accurate than before on my previous phone where auto-pause was working.

    Thanks Elle for following up.

  • Hi
    The problem seems to be with the S7 and the interface with the gps and autopause. I've had problems ever since getting the S7. I've worked through all the gps advice and it still does not record my average speed accurately. It is always 3 -4 mph slower. The segments are ok, the route is ok but average speed not. It can only be something to do with how the OS and strava autopause interact. Please can you work on it.

  • Same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S7, turned auto-pause off today and it does deduct for the stops that auto-pause wasn't picking up. But still not ideal. No issues with power saving for Strava, so this doesn't fix the problem.

    Last night's ride where auto-pause didn't work

    This morning's ride without auto-pause

    Loads of examples where auto-pause hasn't worked on my activity feed if you need more examples. Anything prior to today on the bike.

    Switching to Runkeeper until this is resolved . . .

  • Olá estou com o mesmo problema, Galaxy S7. Acredito que seja o problema da auto pausa também pois a media de velocidade caiu drasticamente. Aguardo um retorno com uma possível solução. Estou bem frustrado...

  • Hi, I'd like to add too that I also have an S7 and my autostop doesn't appear to work properly either! My cycle computer showed 32 miles and averaged 18.6 mph yet strava from the s7 showed the same 32 miles yet 17.6!! I thought I'd lost fitness since getting my new phone!! Is there any more news to this being fixed? Or is it best to switch off autostop for now?!

  • Hi, I'd like to add too that I also have an S7 and my autostop doesn't appear to work properly either! My cycle computer showed 32 miles and averaged 18.6 mph yet strava from the s7 showed the same 32 miles yet 17.6!! I thought I'd lost fitness since getting my new phone!! Is there any more news to this being fixed? Or is it best to switch off autostop for now?!

  • autopause not working. Took training with S7 and M400 togheter.

    Galaxy S7 (incorrect moving time)
    Polar M400 (ok moving time)

  • The same issue here with my new S7 Edge - verry dissapointing. Try to delete all app data an re-install Strava again - but no luck. Working great on my S4 and S5! When it will be fixed!? 

    EDIT: I forgot - it works without problems with "Runtastic Bike pro"!

  • Have the same problem with S7. Auto pause does not work. But it works with Samsung S Health.

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