What if I don't get a strong GPS signal?

Make sure that GPS usage is enabled in Location settings and that your device has a clear view of the sky, away from buildings, trees, or other obstructions. It can sometimes take a minute or two for the device to acquire a strong signal from the satellites. 

What if my data won't sync?

Navigate to You > Activities and pull down on the feed slightly (but not all the way) as if you were going to refresh. You can also try logging out of the app and logging back in if the activity still has trouble syncing.

What happens if the recorded data is wrong?

Occasionally, GPS issues will cause an activity to be recorded incorrectly, leaving gaps in the data or making it difficult for segments to match. Good data depends on the strength of the device's GPS signal and can also be affected by an obscured view of the sky. Letting the device sit for a minute or two to acquire a strong GPS signal before recording can help record better data.

How can I edit the details of an activity?

When viewing one of your activities, tap into the overflow menu (the “three dots” icon) or tap your phone's Menu button (if available) and select Edit Activity. You can edit the activity's name, type, gear, and privacy settings. To crop the activity and remove extra data at the start or end, go to strava.com.

How are segments created?

Strava athletes create segments using the strava.com website. The segment data comes from real athlete data uploaded to Strava.

Does the app auto-pause my activities when I stop moving?

The Strava app can auto-pause for both running and cycling activities. Auto-pause can be enabled or disabled in the app settings. When cycling with auto-pause enabled, the app will pause when you stop moving and resume recording when you start moving again. When running with auto-pause enabled, the app will pause when it detects you have stopped running and resume when you start running again. Run auto-pause is available on any mobile device with an accelerometer.

Why didn't my activity match a segment?

To match a segment, an activity needs to be recognized as traversing the entire segment from the starting point to the ending point. Strava allows some tolerance for inaccurate or incomplete tracking data. If you believe a segment was not matched correctly, contact our support team.

If I delete an activity on the app, will it be deleted on the site?

Yes. The app syncs with Strava.com — what you do on your mobile device will carry over to the website.

Can I update my account settings from the app?

The app allows you to edit elements of your profile and settings without logging in to Strava.com.

Can I share my activities on Facebook and Twitter?

You can share your activities on Facebook, Twitter, and other services by tapping the Share icon in the activity details view.

Do subscriptions apply to both the app and the website?

Yes, after purchasing a subscription in either the app or through the website, you will see the features enabled in both the app and the website.

Can subscriptions be set up to automatically renew?

Yes, when you purchase a Strava subscription through the website, your subscription will automatically renew either monthly or annually (depending on your purchase term). Your subscription will auto-renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Can I switch my subscription between monthly and annual terms?

The term of subscriptions cannot be changed after purchase, but the existing subscription can be canceled and a new one with a different term can be purchased.

What factors cause flat lines and gaps in heart rate sensor data?

Flatlines or gaps can appear in an activity's heart rate analysis when there is a poor connection between the heart rate monitor and the device. If this happens, try moving the device to a different location during activities. In some cases, this is difficult to do, for example, when the sensor is a heart rate chest strap and the device is in a rear jersey pocket. In this scenario, try putting the phone in a front pocket or side pocket to improve the signal strength. Another way to improve the signal strength is to use a case that places the phone away from the skin.

What happens when I "star" a segment?

It will appear in the "Starred Segments" section of your profile. If you have audio announcements enabled, you will hear real-time audio notifications marking the beginning, middle, and end of the segments you’ve starred as you run or ride them.

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