Strava for Handcycle and Wheelchair Activities

Beyond just a ride or a run, you can classify your Strava activities under the handcycle or wheelchair category. We are excited to better support Strava athletes with physical challenges and we look forward to seeing the community build around these new activity categories. 

Follow the Get Started Guide to upload an activity from the Strava app for iOS or Android. To begin recording, choose either a ride or a run. After you stop the recording to finish, you can save the activity as a Handcycle or Wheelchair. 

For uploads that automatically sync or are manually uploaded to the Strava website, edit the activity to choose the right activity type from the menu. 

Handcycle and wheelchair activities have their own unique segments, different than those that appear on a ride or run activity type. If you're missing some segments on your handcycle or wheelchair activity, here's how to create new ones

Let us know how it goes by adding your comments below. 

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  • Great idea !!!

  • I was a cat 3 masters racer before a reckless driver left me a paraplegic. So now I'm getting into handcycling but Strava doesn't allow me to assign rides to different handcycles. It may seem a small thing (it is), but I always tracked the miles on my crit bike, road bike, MTB, etc. this way and would love to be able to track miles per handcycle.


  • Many of the clubs continue to use bike because the stats don't aggregate under handcycle - so in clubs and comparisons & segments they can't continue to compare with peers. I would highly suggest including handcycle activities with bike to increase adoption of using handcycle.

  • Thanks Rob. So essentially you're recommending I ignore the "handcycle" activity and just label my 11 mph rides as a regular bicycle?

  • No Eric, I'm not suggesting you do anything. I'm suggesting Strava amend the app.

    I'm saying a current barrier to using the handcycle activity is that many handcyclists already have a history of 11 mph rides under the bike activity because everyone else is doing the same. The reason being they can't compare themselves to other handcyclists or be included in aggregate club activities, which are key to the social aspect of Strava.

    For instance check out the club:
    No one there uses Handcycle because it doesn't aggregate stats as a group under ride.

  • Thanks Rob - this is on our list. We'd love to support Strava clubs that specialize in one activity type, like Handcycling, in the future.

  • Thanks Elle - I would love it too, I think we're finding that user adoption has a barrier in what I mentioned. I also realized I want to be included in aggregate ride stats for mixed groups like my triathlon club.

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