Suunto/Movescount stopped syncing to Strava

We've recently become aware that Movescount activities have stopped syncing to Strava as well as other 3rd party fitness platforms. We will be contacting Suunto to investigate the issue, but in the meantime you may be able to manually import your activities to Strava. You can export activities from Suunto manually by following these steps:


  • After you sync your watch go to "My Moves" in Movescount.
  • Click on the icon showing the move in the calendar on the right so it loads that move on the left panel.
  • Click "Export Move" just above the first graph and select the "gpx" format. Save it to your desktop and then log in to Strava and click "Upload Activity," in the upper right, and select the file you just saved for upload.


Follow this article for email updates on the issue. 

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  • UPDATE: Suunto has fixed the issue and will be pushing all failed activities over to Strava over the course of the day. Please allow your activity some time to sync. If you still don't see your activity in a day, please use the steps above to manually upload your file to Strava. Any remaining issues regarding issues syncing should be reported directly to Suunto.

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