Uploading Manual Activities - Android

You can upload an activity to Strava even if wasn't recorded with GPS. If the activity took place on one of your Routes, you can attach the Route to the manual activity.

To enter a manual activity, select the plus sign icon on the bottom right of your feed. You will see options to add a manual activity or record an activity.

From the manual activity edit screen, you can enter your time, distance, and speed. Add a route and a photo, select your activity type and a tag. Finally, set your start time, attach gear if applicable and add a description. Once you save the activity it will be uploaded to your Strava account.

Screenshot_2017-05-16-15-43-17.png Screenshot_20171011-201622.png Screenshot_2017-05-16-15-45-32.png

You now have the option a Route to your manual activity.* Here's how it works: 

  • When you select Add Route, you will be brought to your Routes page where you can select a route that you've created. (How to create a route
  • Select 'Use Route' on the Route you wish to add to your Manual Activity

Screenshot_2017-05-12-11-31-01.jpg Screenshot_2017-05-12-11-31-56.jpg

  • The distance of the selected route will populate in your activity details. 
  • Once you have filled out activity time and average speed, you will be able to save the activity. 


Here is what the Manual Activity looks like with the added route: 


*This feature is only available on the Android app at this time.

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