Live Relative Effort on Wahoo devices (Summit)

Summit athletes can now see Live Relative Effort during activity recordings on their Wahoo devices

Compatible Devices

  • Wahoo Bolt
  • Wahoo ELEMNT

Enabling Live Relative Effort

  • Navigate to the settings page in the Wahoo ELEMNT or Bolt app.
  • Select Customize Pages > Workout Data > Strava Live Relative Effort.
    Android01-CustomizePages.jpg Android02-Pages.jpg IMG_8322.jpg
  • Tap on Strava Live Relative Effort to enable the feature. Your Wahoo device will use the heart rate zones you've entered in your performance settings on Strava
  • You will now see your Relative Effort displayed amongst other metrics during your recording
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Can free Strava athletes take advantage of Live Relative Effort?

You will see your Relative Effort on your watch, but if you're not a Strava Summit subscriber, it will not appear in your activity details.

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