Live Suffer Score on Wahoo devices (Premium)

Premium athletes can now see live Suffer Scores during activity recordings on their Wahoo devices

Compatible Devices

  • Wahoo Bolt
  • Wahoo ELEMNT

Enabling Live Suffer Score

  • Navigate to the settings page in the Wahoo ELEMNT or Bolt app.
  • Select Customize Pages > Workout Data > Strava Live Suffer Score
    Android01-CustomizePages.png Android02-Pages.pngAndroid03-PageDetails.png
  • Tap on Strava Live Suffer Score to enable the feature. Your Wahoo device will use the heart rate zones you've entered in your performance settings on Strava
  • You will now see your Suffer Score displayed amongst other metrics during your recording
    BOLTZoom1.png BOLTZoom2.png


Can free Strava athletes take advantage of Live Suffer Score?

You will see your Suffer Score on your watch, but if you're not a Strava Premium subscriber - it will not appear in your activity details.

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