How to fix Android app recording issues

Missing or inaccurate data recorded during your activity? 

  1. The first thing to do is simply turn your phone completely off then on again. Also, flip location services off then back on. This will reestablish your phone's location services via the satellites. 
  2. Ensure that your Android operating system and the Strava app are updated to the latest versions possible.  
  3. Please disable any battery saving functions for the Strava app as these will stop the GPS signal at some point when recording an activity. 
  4. For Huawei phones, there are some helpful tips posted by others in the community. Other phones, like the OnePlus, have known issues with the OS stopping the GPS signal which may not be resolved even with these steps. Also, check our supported Android OS versions
  5. Lastly, please try the GPS reset recommended in our help article
  6. If still experiencing issues, please contact us directly. 

Example of battery saving settings:


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