Hide your activity from segment leaderboards

This little-known privacy feature to opt-out of public segment leaderboards can be used to solve a number of Strava community issues, some of which are described under our Segment Leaderboard Guidelines. Select "Hide from Segment Leaderboards" from the activity edit options and your activity will be removed from all public leaderboards and other leaderboard filters. Your segment efforts will still appear under "My Results". You can select this privacy setting on an individual activity, or you can go to your account settings to hide your segment times by default on all new uploads. 

When to hide your activity from segment leaderboards: 

  • If something looks strange with your GPS data and you have some inaccurate segment matches on your activity, you can remove yourself from topping the leaderboards with a bad data. 
  • If you cycled behind a car or moto, commonly known as motorpacing, please remove your activity from the leaderboards as this violates our segment leaderboard guidelines. 
  • If a motor-assisted activity is categorized as a run or ride, please remove the super-human achievements before the activity is flagged. Hint: If you are riding an electric bike, use the new E-bike category instead and if driving in a car, consider the generic Workout category. 
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  • Apparently hiding from leader board do not remove the activity in your group. It is still counted in the weeks activity even if you hide it from leader board. Is there a not to consider it in your group activities?

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