FIT file upload failures

Recently we have rolled out our updated FIT file parser to support new FIT file types. We are aware of a handful of edge cases that are affecting some users and are already addressing them.


Bryton users:

  • Some Bryton files are still failing to upload. This is due to a formatting issue with the file. We are reaching out to Bryton to resolve the issue. (Ongoing as of 8/1)
  • Some activity files are being rejected: This is due to missing start times in the file. (Fixed 7/24).
  • Maps not displaying: We are also aware of this issue and currently working on a fix. (Fixed 7/31)


Canmore users:

  • There is an issue with how the files are formatted. We are reaching out to the manufacturer. (Ongoing as of 8/1)



  • Activity files are being rejected due to a formatting issue. We are reaching out to O_Synce (Ongoing as of 8/3)


Zwift users:

  • Some users are reporting upload failures, but not consistently. We are working on diagnosing the cause of the issues. (Ongoing as of 8/1)
    • Zwift activities appear to be syncing over consistently now. If your activity does not make it to your Strava account, please file a ticket so we can investigate. (Fixed 8/14)
  • Zwift Runs are coming through as Virtual Rides and unable to be edited. We are working with Zwift to resolve the issue. (Ongoing as of 8/3)
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  • UPDATE: August 1st 2017

    Bryton users: Issues have been resolved in most cases.

    Canmore users: Issue still ongoing.

    Kinetic App users: Upload issues have been resolved.

    Zwift users: Issues still ongoing.

    If you are still experiencing upload issues, please file a support ticket at 

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