FIT file upload failures

Recently we have rolled out our updated FIT file parser to support new FIT file types. We are aware of a handful of edge cases that are affecting some users and are already addressing them.

Bryton users

  • Some Bryton files are still failing to upload. This is due to a formatting issue with the file. We are reaching out to Bryton to resolve the issue. (Fixed as of 8/23/17)
  • Some activity files are being rejected: This is due to missing start times in the file. (Fixed 7/24/17).
  • Maps not displaying: We are also aware of this issue and currently working on a fix. (Fixed 7/31/17)

 Canmore users

  • There is an issue with how the files are formatted. We are reaching out to the manufacturer. (Ongoing as of 8/1/17)


  • Activity files are being rejected due to a formatting issue. We are reaching out to O_Synce (Ongoing as of 8/3/17)

Zwift users

  • Zwift Runs are coming through as Virtual Rides and unable to be edited. We are working with Zwift to resolve the issue. (Ongoing as of 8/3/17)
  • Zwift activities appear to be syncing over consistently now. If your activity does not make it to your Strava account, please proceed with filing a ticket so we can investigate. (Fixed 8/14/17)
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  • UPDATE: August 1st 2017

    Bryton users: Issues have been resolved in most cases.

    Canmore users: Issue still ongoing.

    Kinetic App users: Upload issues have been resolved.

    Zwift users: Issues still ongoing.

    If you are still experiencing upload issues, please file a support ticket at 

  • UPDATE: August 27th 2017

    Bryton has updated their firmware to resolve the issues with the malformed file. Please make sure to check for updates from Bryton before your next activity.

    We've found a workaround that allows files up to be corrected and uploaded in most cases
    1. Export a FIT file version of your activity from Bryton.
    2. Use the Corrupt Time Fixer tool on select the Normalize Time option. 
    3. Export the FIT file and go here to upload it to your account.

    As always, if you are still experiencing upload issues, please file a support ticket on Strava Support.

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