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Post stories, questions, gear tips, race reports, recommendations, workouts – all kinds of content in addition to activity uploads in your Strava feed 

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You may have already seen great content outside of activity uploads if you follow any of these 36 athletes. All Strava athletes now have the ability to create their own posts that will appear in the feed. This way, you can find everything you love about your sport on Strava.

How it Works

Select the plus sign icon at the upper left-hand corner of your feed (A) to reveal the option to create a text-based post or an image-only post
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Selecting 'Post' opens the next screen where you can write your post and add a title if you wish. Select the icon on the bottom right (B) if you would prefer not to add a title. You can always toggle the option back ON if you change your mind. The 'Publish' button will become available once you've completed the required text fields.
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 You can add photos to your text post by selecting the icon towards the bottom left (C) of your screen. You can opt to publish your post without any text Add a caption to the image and select the ellipses (D) to set the photo as a Highlight Photo or delete it. The Highlight Photo will represent your post in your follower's feeds.
IMG_8962.png IMG_8964.png  IMG_8965.png

You can review yours or another athlete's posts from the profile page.

Reporting a Post

Select the 'More' icon (E) to report a post. Confirm that you would like to report the post and choose your reason for reporting it.
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