What if the Biggest Climb on my Profile is incorrect?

The "Biggest Climb" statistic on your profile page is calculated from the segment you've completed with the most elevation difference between the start and end. This biggest climb does not reflect the largest total elevation gain you've achieved on a ride. In order to qualify to be your Biggest Climb, that segment must be a Strava categorized climb and be matched to your ride. For more information about categorized climbs, see hereIf your biggest climb is incorrect, contact us directly with a link to the activity for a recalculation.

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  • My Lincoln Road Climb on June 14, 2015 shows an elevation difference of 57 ft and is listed as my biggest climb where I know that I've done bigger climbs since 2015. I just did the mt vernon climb on September 4, 2017 with an elevation difference of 235 ft. How do I refresh my data to have strava calculate my biggest climb for all of my routes?

    Randy B

  • My biggest climb shows as 180ft when there are many more than that in my submitted records.
    The largest is probably on the Isle of man in 2013.
    How can this be rectified?

  • My biggest climb data is incorrect. It shows a climb of just over 2000 ft. and I have done several climbs much bigger than that. How do I adjust this?

  • My biggest climb is also incorrect at 57 feet. Please correct this.

  • Haleakala which you use as the example for your climb category description is my biggest climb of all time:

    Why does it not show as such? Thanks

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