Troubleshooting Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors

We occasionally hear of issues connecting your Polar Bluetooth Smart HRM to Strava. We recommend these Polar troubleshooting steps. Then, try connecting the HRM to Strava again. 

  • If your receiving device (phone) has a Bluetooth devices list, try removing the Polar H6 / H7 from the list and pairing it again. Remember to wear the heart rate sensor when pairing.
  • Try restarting the receiving device (phone) to see that helps.
  • Could the heart rate sensor battery be empty? Try changing the battery. 
  • If issues persist, try resetting your Polar heart rate monitor: Exit the application and remove the heart rate sensor from the strap. Wait 30 seconds, place the sensor back and start the application. With H7, if the sensor restart didn't help, reset the sensor by taking the battery out for 6 minutes and touch both snap connects for 10 seconds right after you have taken the battery out.
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  • iPhone users also beware that iPhones now pair with more than one Polar Bluetooth HR strap at the same time. Only receive the data from one Polar HR strap but no way to choose which.

    iPhones do not seem to recognise the individual name of each Polar sensor and so will just pair to any and all in range. An Apple issue that only started happening in iOS 10 and has not yet been resolved. Strava please report this to Apple?!

    I have ended up with a work out partners HR and them with mine on a number of occasions even though we have never paired the Polar HR straps to each other's phones, they just pair and no way to stop it!

  • Hi, i would like to use Polar H7/H10 Bluetooth with Apple Watch 2 and Strava app (apple watch version). Is this combination supported and will be working?

    Thank you in advance.


  • When my Polar data has synched with Strava none of the data appears in my strava app. Ie no duration if event and no Hrm details. These appear in the polar app. This is from an Indoor cycling event on a static bike only

  • Ran across something today. I have a Polar H6 and H7 heart rate monitors that I've never been able to have Strava find under sensors on my S8 phone. Just for fun today I installed Strava on my old S5 phone and checked to see if either heart rate sensor would show up under the find sensors section of Strava. Sure enough both heart rate sensors showed up in the find sensors and were working properly. Btw both hear rate sensors work with 2 other apps on my S8 phone, and they both show up in the blue tooth menu and are paired to the s8 phone.

  • Strava picked up my Polar H10 until very recently - there was a polar update, maybe that's why it doesn't pair anymore with Strava?? The H10 is seen by my phone and also by the Polar App, It's only Strava that doesn't find it anymore... Very annoying. Not sure if it's a problem with the H10 or with Strava.

  • Same here. H10 doesn't connect to Strava. Tried steps from trouble shooting - doesn't help.

  • I use the Polar Beat app and via Polar Flow:

    Strava is even correcting the down time

    Regards Marius

  • Have the same issues, and suprisingly for me i found solution.
    1. Pair heart-rate sensor via bluetooth in phone
    2. Turn off phone (no restart - only power off)
    3. Turn on phone
    4. Run strava, pair sensor in Strava

    Heart-rate montior: Polar H7
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I)
    Android version: 6.0.1
    Strava version: 31.0.0

  • Having an issue with Strava, Heart Rate Monitor, and Zwift. New user to all of these. I use an iPhone, and had no trouble getting Polar H10 HRM to work witih the phone and the Strava app.
    Then I started using Zwift and linked the HRM to that app - on my iPad. Worked great!
    But after that, the HRM would not work with my phone. It would pair with Bluetooth, but wouldn't show up on the Polar Beat app, and no sign of it on Strava.
    Based on the above guidance in this thread, I went into the Bluetooth on the iPhone and and made it 'forget' the HRM, and then I re-paired it. I turned the iPhone off and then on again, and now it's working fine with Strava!  Yeah! 
    To some extent, I think I have the same problem with the Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors on my bike, that I set up for Zwift and my 'classic' trainer. I'd like to use them with Strava, too.
    2 questions - does anyone else experience this?
    and more importantly - will I need to go through this huge hassle every time I switch from indoor riding (Zwift) to outdoor riding (Strava)?

  • Make sure your polar heart rate monitor isn't pairing with your polar app or any other apps you've been using.
    Unpair all other apps

  • I had the same difficulty, Strava wasn't finding my Polar H10.

    The solution:
    When you activate the Bluetooth on your mobile phone, DO NOT PAIR it To your hearth monitoring device.
    Then start your Strava app, launch your activity and go to Parameter and then launch the search of Bluetooth device. Your Polar device should be detected (Make sure your are wearing it normally on the chest)

    Heart-rate montior: Polar H10
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8+
    Android version: 8.0.0

  • I recently got a Polar P10. I am able to successfully pair the device and while I'm riding I can see it's tracking my HR. The issue is at the end of the ride when I save my activity none of the HR data is saved. I have a Strava Premium account and should be getting things like Relative Effort and HR Analysis but nothing shows up. When I go to do the analysis on the HR page of my ride it just gives me an Ad to but a HR monitor and unlock these features. Has anyone been successful in troubleshooting this issue?

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