Gifting Premium

Buy a year of Strava Premium for a friend or family member at After entering your credit card information, you will receive an email with a code that you can pass along to your giftee. You're free to pass the code along in a format of your choosing - print it out, write it down, or simply forward the email you received.

  • We won't spoil the surprise - Strava will not contact your giftee before you do.
  • The Premium gift codes do not expire.

Redeeming a Premium gift

If you are already a Premium member and you are a mobile subscriber (your subscription was purchased in iTunes or Google Play)

  • After redeeming a Premium gift promo code on the Strava website, you'll need to cancel any Premium subscriptions purchased through the mobile app to avoid any billing errors. To cancel a subscription from Google Play, click here to be re-directed to your subscription management page. To cancel a subscription in iTunes, click here to be re-directed to your subscription management page. Once you have canceled this subscription, you are all set.
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