Amazfit and Strava

Activities recorded with Amazfit watches can be synced to Strava through the Zepp app available for iOS and Android. New activities recorded with the watch will be automatically synced to your Strava account. Neither the Amazfit Pace nor Bip can be connected directly to the Strava mobile app to record heart rate data.

Here's How to set up Amazfit's Activity Data Sync to Strava:

  1. From the Zepp app, select Profile from the bottom navigation menu.
  2. Select Add Accounts and then select Strava on the next page.
  3. Tap Unbound and you'll be prompted to log into your Strava account. Select Sign up if you don't already have a Strava account.
  4. Enable the option to "Upload your activities from Zepp to Strava" and select Authorize.
  5. Once the apps are connected, successfully synced activities will automatically be pushed to your Strava account.
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