FATMAP and Strava

FATMAP offers routing and terrain tools to help you make smarter decisions when planning your adventures and inspire confidence while exploring. You can automatically sync your Strava activities to FATMAP. For more information about FATMAP please visit their Help Center.

Connecting Your Strava and FATMAP Accounts

By connecting Strava to FATMAP, you can have all your Strava activities sync automatically to FATMAP. After you connect your accounts, only the past 3-5 activities will sync initially but all future activities will sync automatically. They will appear in the My Adventures section of your profile.

Activity Visibility

Strava activities have two types of privacy settings: the activity setting and the map visibility. 

The privacy setting in FATMAP of activities imported from Strava is:

    • Private for activities visible to "Followers" or "Only You" in Strava
    • Public for activities visible to "Everyone" in Strava. These activities can be seen by everyone in the FATMAP community on your Profile. These activities are also discoverable on FATMAP.

The map visibility settings control how much of the map is imported from Strava: 

    • If you have chosen to hide the start and end points of your activities (around specific addresses or for all activities), only the publicly visible part of the activity will be imported into FATMAP. 
    • If you have chosen to hide all your activity maps, your activities will not be imported into FATMAP. 

Please note that the visibility of an activity is synced continuously from Strava, but the activity itself is not. This means that: 

    • If you change the activity privacy of an individual activity in Strava, the change is reflected in FATMAP.
    • If you crop or edit the map visibility of a particular activity, this change is not reflected in FATMAP.
    • You can make activities in FATMAP private or public manually as described here.

It is possible to share public activities by tapping the 'Share' button.

How to Connect Your Strava and FATMAP Accounts

From FATMAP mobile app:

    1. Open the FATMAP app 

    2. Go to your Profile tab, then click the three lines at the top right.

    3. Click Settings > Connected Accounts > Connect with Strava

    4. Click Connect with Strava

    5. You will be asked to log in (if you haven't already) and authenticate the connection through Strava. 

From Fatmap.com:

    1. Login to your FATMAP account.
    2. Click on your profile icon at the top right, then Edit Account.
    3. Click Connect with Strava.
    4. You will be asked to log in (if you haven't already) and authenticate the connection through Strava. 
    5. Once the connection is complete, your latest 3-5 tracks will be added to the My Adventures section of your profile. Any new track will be added automatically. 
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