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On March 7, a privacy issue was identified that affected less than 1% of our community. For a short period of time, activities set to “Followers” or “Only you” were potentially visible to others in some Club feeds. These activities were only visible in Clubs where the activity owner was a member. We are committed to doing better and strengthening the trust that is expected. 

Below is more information:

Is the issue fixed?

Yes, our team already resolved the issue. As a result, “Only You” activities will no longer be visible to other members in Club feeds, and only your followers can see your “Followers” activities in their feeds. There is no need for you to take any action in relation to this issue. 


Why can I still see my “Follower” and “Only You” activities in Club feeds? 

You will (and have always been able to) see your own activities in Club feeds, regardless of whether they are set to Everyone, Followers, or Only You.


Where were affected activities visible?

This issue only impacted Club feeds.

These activities were not visible on the Strava Home feed in the Strava app or on a mobile device.  However, activities viewed on our webpage ( were potentially visible if the viewer adjusted the Home feed to filter by club or if they navigated to the Activities tab within a particular Club. Additionally, these activities did not appear on segment leaderboards. 


During this time frame, could someone have clicked in and seen the details of my activity?

Again, this issue was limited to feed entries. It did not enable people to click into activities to view details they should not have been able to see.

In other words, only you would have been able to click into an activity on a Club feed and see the details of your “Only You” activities. Only your followers would have been able to click into your “Followers” activities, as expected and in accordance with your privacy controls. 


If I had a privacy zone or hidden start/end points, did they work as expected?

Yes, Map Visibility settings continued to work during this time. So if you had any hidden addresses, start/end points of an activity, or portions of the map, they would have been hidden, as expected. 


If I had Muted an activity, would it have been hidden as expected?

Yes, if you had selected to Mute an activity (“Do not publish to Home or Club feeds”), it would not have been visible.


Can you tell me which activities appeared in Club feeds?

Activities set to “Followers” or “Only You” could have appeared in your Club feeds during this time period. However, that does not mean that they were viewed by another Strava member.

This is because the Clubs feeds pull in activities from Club members, so depending on how many people are in a Club and how recent the activities were, your activities may not have appeared in a feed at all during this time period. (The Club feed only shows activities that are similar to the club’s designated sport type and will display up to 250 activities uploaded within the last 60 days.) 

If affected activities appeared in a Club feed, it’s also possible no one viewed them depending on how low they were on the feed and how much the individual scrolled.


Can you tell me which Club feeds contained these activities?

Again, these activities were not necessarily visible or viewed in each of the Clubs you belong to. But, if you want to find potentially which Club, you can check your Club membership by following these instructions:

  • On mobile, navigate to the "Groups" icon at the bottom of the screen > and select the “Clubs” tab > scroll through the list to view your Clubs.
  • On the web, navigate to the "Explore" drop-down at the top of the screen >  select "Clubs" > above the Club search fields you'll see the clubs to which you belong. 


What information was visible?

The activities were shown in the Club feed in the style of a feed entry.

Feed entries typically display date and time, location, title, high-level stats like pace and distance, achievements, map, photos/videos, and kudos/comment count. However, if you used your Map Visibility settings to hide a specific address, the start/end points of your activity, or some or all of the map, those would have appeared hidden, as expected.

No one would have been able to see the full details of your “Only You” activities. Only your followers would be able to see the full details of your “Followers” activities (what you see when you tap into an activity via a feed entry), as expected and in accordance with your privacy controls. Below is an example of a feed entry.



If you have specific questions, please submit a ticket to our Support team.

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