Policy Updates, June 2023

As of June 30th, 2023, our updated Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy will take effect. We continually strive to give you clear information about – and control over – what you share on Strava and how you can use the platform. Below is a summary of changes as well as FAQs on the update.

What is being/has been updated?

In prior years you’ve expressed that these policies can take some time to read and have asked us to help explain what’s changed. We've taken that feedback to heart and are committed to providing you with a clear high-level summary of what's changed. Here are the highlights and what you can expect:

  • More clarity and transparency. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to provide you with even more information about how we collect, handle, and share your personal information – including data that supports community-driven features like Heatmaps, Points of Interest, and Metro.
  • More privacy for minors. We’ve added default settings for users under 18 that provide more privacy and protection. For example, their profile and location information is now hidden by default.
  • More control over what you share with advertisers. We’ve never sold your information for monetary value, and we still don’t. In addition, you control whether your data may be shared with third parties to provide you with targeted advertising for Strava on other platforms.
  • More user-friendly terms of service. We’ve made it easier to understand what content and conduct is and isn’t allowed on our platform. Check out our new Acceptable Use Policy to understand how we’re protecting your safety and experience on Strava.

When does the update take effect?

The updated policies will become effective on June 30, 2023. After that date, users will be required to accept the updated policies before continuing to use the Services.

Why are you requiring me to accept the policies before I can keep using Strava?

Because these updates impact your legal rights and are binding on you if you continue to use the Services after June 30, 2023, we wanted to make this clear, while making it easy for you to review and accept the changes.

Can I still view the prior versions?

Yes!  Prior versions are linked to the bottom of each updated policy. You can also find immediately prior versions of the Terms of Service here and the Privacy Policy here.

Why do you offer greater privacy protections only to minors instead of everybody?

One of Strava’s core beliefs is that people motivate people and that participating with the broader community helps unlock exploration, inspiration, and motivation. For users who want this experience, they can allow the public to see their detailed profile and specifics about their activities. At the same time, some users may want to keep some or all elements of their activities private in a number of ways.


Recognizing that minors are potentially vulnerable and require special attention and protection when an individual under the age of 18 joins Strava, we enable greater privacy protections by default to ensure that their best interests are represented.


No matter your intended experience, we provide everyone access to privacy controls, along with resources to understand what those controls mean, that can be used to customize your experience. Please visit our privacy center and take the time to ensure your selections in Strava represent your intended experience. If you have any questions, please contact our Support team. 


What do you mean you’re not selling my personal information for “monetary value”?

To be clear, we have never sold your personal information, and we still don’t — at least not in the traditional sense — that is, for money. However, various U.S. state laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), define a “sale” broad enough to potentially include non-monetary transactions, such as using third-party cookies to serve targeted advertising. Because Strava uses third-party cookies for analytics and to serve targeted advertising — as disclosed in our Cookie Policy and subject to a user opting in to receiving non-essential cookies — we have updated our Privacy Policy to provide more clarity to users and to better reflect this new legal landscape. 


Can you tell me more about your targeted advertising?

As noted in our Privacy Policy, we may use your personal information to send you targeted advertising for Strava, if you accept non-essential cookies using our cookie banner. So, for example, if you opted into non-essential cookies using our cookie banner, you may see ads for Strava on other websites or social media platforms. 


If you’d like to review your cookie preferences, you can do so here. You may also opt out of having your personal information shared for targeted advertising by clicking the “Do Not Share My Personal Information” link in the footer of a Strava website or in the app by clicking on the “Personal Information Sharing” link in your privacy controls and following the instructions.


Can you tell me more about community-driven features like Heatmaps, Points of Interest, and Metro?

When users contribute their aggregated, de-identified data for community-driven features, they help enhance a one-of-a-kind data set that helps urban planners develop better infrastructure for people on foot and bikes, and makes it easy to plan routes with the knowledge of the community. 


These aggregate data sets do not include any address hidden using Map Visibility controls, activities set to ‘only you’ visibility, or any data from users who have opted out of contributing. Heatmap and Metro never display users' names, home addresses, or any other personal information.

What if I do not agree with these changes?

If you do not agree to our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, you should discontinue using Strava and delete your account. Deleting an account is immediate and permanent so if you’d like to export your data, you must do so before deletion. Instructions on how to do so can be found here


Why did I get this email? 

All members of Strava will receive emails when we make important updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy because they impact your legal rights. These emails are considered transactional and cannot be opted out of.

We have not adjusted any of your current email preferences for communications like the email newsletter, Strava research inquiries, etc. If you’d like to review your email preferences, please visit your Email Notifications page in your settings.

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