Tips for recording with your Wahoo cadence sensor

If you're using the Wahoo cadence sensor or the pair of Wahoo speed + cadence sensors, you may run into an issue where the record screen shows "0" RPMs instead of correctly tracking cadence. Note that the Strava app will default to speed calculated by GPS and does not use speed sensor data (although it's possible to connect the speed sensor). 

How to reset your cadence sensor for recording with the Strava app:

  1. Remove all connected sensors from the app, including heart rate.
  2. Start by adding back the cadence sensor under the speed & cadence switch.
  3. Then add back heart rate sensor, power, etc. We hope this resolves any cadence sensor recording issues.
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  • Just tried the workaround again, and still no luck. It refuses to show anything other than 0 RPM.

  • Ok... Im voting for Strava to fix this as well.. GPS speed is inaccurate.. how hard can it be?

  • Case in point: I rode in the Sacramento area recently, and want to be clear I did NOT forget to stop recording the be ride before driving home. Strava measured my average speed at 40.3 mph, and my Max speed at 23.8 mph. I'm canceling Strava Premium and dumping the app. Strava doesn't seem to listen to users nor care what we want and need. Shame on you, Strava. I thought you were better than that.

  • Case in point: I rode in the Sacramento area recently, and want to be clear I did NOT forget to stop recording the ride before driving home. Strava measured my average speed at 40.3 mph, and my Max speed at 23.8 mph. Go figure. I ride around 24/15 mph. I'm canceling Strava Premium and dumping the app. Strava doesn't want to listen to users nor do they care what we want and need. Shame on you, Strava. I thought you were better than that! 👎

  • I have the same lousy experience with the candence sensor. Perhaps the company is just harvesting and does not care. It's a good chance for a competitor to clean their clock.

  • I too have been waiting for strava to fix what was once a working, great app... My premium membership is now cancelled and I do not plan to reactivate until the iphone app/apple watch app work again.

    1. things that I need, that once worked.
    -able to view land speed on my phone, while simultaneously recording heart rate on my apply watch.

    I have to open separate sessions on my phone, and on my watch to do this now, which confuses the land speed on each session, making it "hop" all over the place. unacceptable.

    2. things i would like that never worked.
    -Cadence and speed sensors support that actually works.

  • I've resolved my original issue with Strava only ever showing 0 RPM for the cadence sensor (link to my first comment: ). In short, the solution for getting Strava to start displaying the actual cadence instead of just a constant 0 RPM was to just uninstall and reinstall Strava. The other fixes mentioned in here--specifically, removing all sensors and re-adding one by one, starting with the cadence sensor--did not work for me even after multiple attempts and variations. Reinstalling the app worked immediately, and now I'm back to the functionality I had before things broke sometime during my October-April break from cycling! 🎉

    Also, in case you haven't already: open a support ticket with Strava if you're still having trouble . They got back to me within a couple days and were very helpful. I don't think they monitor community threads when triaging issues, but they do appear to pay close attention to the actual support ticket system.

  • Yes please speed sensor ability. Until then, no point me buying the app. Will Strava even give their reason why they won't do such a simple thing un-costly thing to make their paying customers happy. I would be surprised to we get an answer but it will have something to do with making money.

  • This is very frustrating all around. I use the Wahoo app to record indoor data and all I get is elapsed time of workout when I share to Strava. I cant even get HR to show in Strava.

  • The GPS covered on my ride is very intermittent, so accurate speed relying on GPS just doesn't work. I ended up buying a speed sensor to solve the problem only to now find Strava doesn't support it. Please fix the App

  • Instructions did not work for me, I never see speed with my Blue SE. It works just fine with Wahoo's simple bike computer app.

    Wahoo advertises that the KICKR is supported by Strava Premium, so I signed up for Premium for the specific reasons of riding segments in my basement during winter. I live in Pittsburgh and really don't feel like riding in 10F weather on salted roads.

  • I am not sure what is going on and why I cannot get Cadence and heart rate to record on the Strava app.

    This is what I am doing - any suggestion will be helpful

    Outdoor cycling

    1. Wahoo BlueSC speed and cadence sensor - linked to Strava (Strava is authorised)
    2. Apple Watch 2 series running the Strava app - for heart rate
    3. iPhone X - mounted and used as Bicycle computer during the ride
    4. Wahoo App for showing cadence and speed during the ride
    5. Strava Premium account - currently on my 1-month trial

    So when I begin my cycle ride I start the outdoor activity on the Wahoo app and simultaneously I start the activity on my Strava app on my Apple watch. I am using the Wahoo app as bicycle computer during the ride. I can see my speed and cadence. No heart rate showing on wahoo and I get that's because I cannot sync my Apple watch with the wahoo app. No issues here.

    So far so good.

    Once I finish the activity I stop and save the activity on both Wahoo app on my phone and Strava app on my apple watch.

    On Strava when I go and check my segments I don't show any cadence. I am only getting the heart rate recording. For some reason, Wahoo app is not uploading or syncing the cadence with Strava.

    I have manually tried to share the activity from Wahoo app to Strava - this uploads a duplicate activity on my strava profile and makes into a group activity which shows the cadence. This is not ideal as this double up on all my stats for the day on Strava as well as apple activity app.

    What am I doing wrong? or is this how its suppose to work?

    What I have tried:
    1. Deleted strava app and reinstalled it.
    2. Reauthorised the stava account with Wahoo

  • This workaround is, again, a thick finger to its users. It doesn't solve the problem, it only cloaks the real problem.

    He, Strava, this is a real question, not from one person, but from who knows how many. Do something about it.
    Make a separation between cadence and speed.

    And as you are on it, please finally add the simple!! features of importing routes and live tracking. I know your developers can make it all work, or is does this all, cost too much money.

    Make your great app, even greater by adding them. And stop being so unwilling to solve issues.

  • Same problem ,but I have iphone and ipad just enable BT one of that and used only one for conect wahoo cadance . Its work great !

  • Reading the above. It appears that in the case where I have 2 separate sensors speed and cadence, Strava will accept cadence and rely on gps from the phone for speed. I noticed in the settings the sensors you can pair with are only 1)speed+cadence or 2)cadence. In my tests I can get cadence to read only if I turn off 1). speed does work via GPS. Would having a 3)speed sensor only help? This is kind of needed given that people are now buying the magnet less speed and cadence sensors that actually are all 2 separate sensors. P.S have other users found another app that does speed and cadence pairing separately. I know of Wahoo, but is there any others??

  • Cyclemeter! Great app and *very* deep! It just seems be actually designed - from the ground up - for cyclists (especially those that take it seriously). Everything I’ve thrown at it works straight away - including individually pairing my separate  BT speed, cadence and heart-rate sensors. It also works the way Strava *used* to work with the Apple Watch - IN TANDEM with the phone!

    I’ve cancelled Strava and have very happily moved on!

  • New to Strava, having the same issue. Two years since this article has been created.... Strava fix this crap, how hard can it be...

  • I too had this problem - had just purchased both the Wahoo cadence and speed sensors, installed both on my bike, but kept getting 0 for cadence on my iPhone Strava app. The proposed solution didn't work, also tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but no success.

    The solution that worked for me was to physically remove the speed sensor from my rear wheel, and then go through the proposed solution of remove, then add back sensors. (I used the speed + cadence switch.) Now I can read cadence.

    It's a bit of a pain, though, if I want to switch to Zwift indoor riding on a rainy day, as I'll need to put back on the speed sensor.

  • Has anyone figured out how to get this to work?

  • I just dont unterstand what Strava is doing here. How can they not support such a usefull and common feature like speedsensors?? Even a coding-noob could have written an app to read the sensors in the past two years.

    And if I remember correctly Endomondo did support my wahoo cadence+speed Sensors, when I used them three years ago. So going Premium is in no way an option for me.

  • Strava connects to both the Wahoo Speed and Cadence Sensor, but does not show values for either - even after completing the procedure listed in the "How to reset your cadence sensor for recording with the Strava app:".

    GPS on a phone can be less than accurate; a Speed Sensor input will allow more exact speed and distance measurements to Strava.

    Strava, please provide updated software to take advantage of the Wahoo speed and cadence sensor devices.

  • i just submitted a support request in the wahoo support, which goes as follows:

    hi support,

    recently i bought

    - wahoo rpm speed sensor
    - wahoo rpm cadence sensor
    - wahoo tickr heart rate sensor

    upon those purchases i expected that those sensors enhance my user experience while using several 3rd party bike computer apps, "strava" and "runtastic road bike" to be more specific.

    (* iphone 5s / ios 12.1 / ble connection / firmwares of all three sensors are updated to the latest public release versions)

    but the expectation wasn't met because:

    the cadence sensor and the speed sensor refused to work simultaneously on those 3rd party apps: i.e., only one of those two sensors work at a time - which works and which doesn't work seems to be randomly determined when the sensor pairing is done - whereas the TICKR heart rate sensor always works just fine without an issue.

    it was a big bummer for me but it was somewhat weird to me that both of the two separate sensors (cadence / speed) work just fine side by side, within your wahoo fitness app.

    so i digged into those sensors a bit, using "BLE scanner" app which can be found in the apple app store and i found out some stuff as follows:

    1. “raw data” from speed sensor
    kCBAdvDataIsConnectable = 1;
    kCBAdvDataLocalName = "Wahoo SPEED 6FAD";
    kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs = {
    "Cycling Speed and Cadence"

    2. “raw data” from cadence sensor
    kCBAdvDataIsConnectable = 1;
    kCBAdvDataLocalName = "Wahoo CADENCE D192”;
    kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs = {
    "Cycling Speed and Cadence"

    3. “raw data” from TICKR heart rate sensor
    kCBAdvDataIsConnectable = 1;
    kCBAdvDataLocalName = “TICKR 4C52”;
    kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs = {
    “Heart Rate”

    did you spot the problem?

    i suspect the “kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs” field of the cadence sensor and the speed sensor is the culprit.

    the value of the “kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs” of those two sensors are both set to be

    “Cycling Speed and Cadence”

    which may be misleadingly interpreted as meaning that each of those two sensors independently provide “speed AND cadence” data.

    this may be a legacy descended from the “Wahoo Blue SC” product of yours, which provides both speed and cadence data from a single device afaik.

    the symptoms that the “strava” app and the “runtastic road bike” app shows are virtually identical, and the symptoms are as i described before: only one of the cadence / speed sensors work at a time; they cannot read the two sensors simultaneously.

    i think those 3rd party apps mistakenly consider each of the wahoo rpm cadence sensor and the wahoo rpm speed sensor as sensors that provide cadence AND speed data, which is not true - and the mistake originates from the “kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs” value of those two sensors which seems highly misleading.

    so i guess, based upon my findings from the ble “raw data” readings, maybe this annoying issue can be resolved just by modifying the “kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs” of those two sensors:

    how about

    “Cycling Cadence” for the wahoo rpm cadence sensor,
    “Cycling Speed” for the wahoo rpm speed sensor?

    maybe there can be better alternatives, i’d count on your dev people for the details of the final resolution of this issue.

    this issue has been there since at least 2016 afaik, i hope it gets resolved now, once and for all.

    (* i’ve seen that the strava app support people have been pecked upon by so many users due to this issue; i myself have pecked upon the runtastic road bike support person for this issue since a couple of days ago:

    all because of the fact that the two sensors both work simultaneously without an issue within your wahoo fitness app. but now i believe it is your mistake that prevents the 3rd party apps from working correctly with your rpm speed / rpm cadence sensors.

    so basically you have the power to make everyone happy i think.)



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