Tips for recording with your Wahoo cadence sensor

If you're using the Wahoo cadence sensor or the pair of Wahoo speed + cadence sensors, you may run into an issue where the record screen shows "0" RPMs instead of correctly tracking cadence. Note that the Strava app will default to speed calculated by GPS and does not use speed sensor data (although it's possible to connect the speed sensor). 

How to reset your cadence sensor for recording with the Strava app:

  1. Remove all connected sensors from the app, including heart rate.
  2. Start by adding back the cadence sensor under the speed & cadence switch.
  3. Then add back heart rate sensor, power, etc. We hope this resolves any cadence sensor recording issues.
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  • These steps work of you don't want to use the speed sensor but is not an an actual solution. GPS speed does not work on covered indoor tracks. A software upgrade on the Strava side is clearly required.

  • That is correct Jason, we would have to update the app to accept speed sensor data for indoor use. Currently, the app only uses GPS for speed and distance. Unfortunately, this is not a currently planned project.

  • What's the point of a speed sensor if it can't be recorded?

    I just want to record distance and cadence when riding on my trainer....

  • I understand that for the final measurements of the activity that is upload, the speed and distance measurements are used from GPS. However, can the Wahoo Speed + Cadence sensor be used as input for speed in the Strava Live mode? GPS is quite inaccurate for real-time speed display, so I'm considering to pair an external speed sensor (such as the Wahoo) for more accurate real-time speed.

  • It would be most helpful if an available option would be to switch between GPS or the speed sensor to gather speed and distance traveled on trainer rides.

    My reasoning is because after multiple requests, Wahoo refuses to recognize my watch for heart rate data. So if I capture my trainer ride in Wahoo's app, then import to Strava, I'm still missing heart rate data. Therefore I get an incomplete picture of my trainer rides. Strava recognizes my watch for heart rate and the Wahoo sensors for speed and cadence. To capture only in Strava would be the most logical approach.

    Stava has been a fantastic resource for providing very holistic data around my rides. To add the option to use the speed+cadence sensor for speed and distance data for trainer rides would maintain that holistic approach.

  • I think Strava should definitely update the app to allow you to choose between GPS speed and sensor speed.
    After all, what is the point of having the option for speed & cadence, if speed isn't actually usable?

  • Adding myself to the list of users who ride a trainer, and indoor/underground where GPS is not available. I find the GPS speed to be acceptable in clear openings, but it doesn't work well otherwise. My investment in the wahoo sensors is a little disappointing now having to use 2 apps to collect my data in one place.

    Is there a way to "combine" activities that occur at the same time (speed and or cadence uploaded from wahoo, heartrate in strava)?

  • count me in with a speed and cadence problem. I can get speed from the wahoo pod but the cadence is showing ZERO no matter what. I paid a premium for this service and now the joke's on me. Any other apps support both without this much hassle?

  • Yup - 27th Jan 2017 and STILL its unfixed - getting cadence but no speed. If the Wahoo app can record both why can't Strava? The only reason I bought it was to pay into the Strava feed. Strava need to fix this.

  • How disappointing. Strava team please fix asap

  • Strava - you need to listen to your customers! You are missing the future where you replace all bike computers! I'm new to cycling and am shocked by the lack of products that embrace the smartphone as the best and simplest way for cyclists to track their performance. I cycle outside and indoor (where censor speed is required). I was going to start paying you - not so if you don't add this to your roadmap pronto!

  • I encourage you to add your comments and votes to this feedback discussion if you would like to see Strava support speed sensors for mobile recordings in the future. Thanks

  • I don't think that people understand that this is a way to keep the playing field level. Having to communicate with different computers etc would allow error, (and cheating).

  • I already voted to see Strava support speed sensors for mobile recordings at

  • Another vote for this. It's a little ridiculous that it cannot. Several other apps can. Runtastic's Road Bike Pro can do it all - and it displays ALL data in the mobile app - no need to go to a web site to get data. The ONLY reason I'm considering Strava is because the Runtastic RBP app doesn't have an Apple Watch companion app (at least not yet). At any rate, I can get the mobile app to 'see' my Speed & Cadence sensor and show my cadence live - but I cannot find recorded cadence data ANYWHERE (mobile app OR web site)! So frustrating!

  • Are you serious? Even dollar-store bike computer uses wheel speed sensor. If there's no problem with recording cadence, why the hell do you stop us from recording actual speed? GPS is laggy and inaccurate, even during outdoor training while being surrounded by trees. Is this what you charge $8 for? I will not pay for premium if there is not full support for speed & cadence sensor.

  • Add me to the list of riders NEEDING the update to allow the use of speed sensors for the many reasons mentioned by so many others. It's especially important for indoor training for those with less flexible job schedules.

    It blows my mind that Strava developers can build an app so good in so many ways, yet ignore the need for the most basic functionality. C'mon Strava, you're better than that!! Aren't you?!?!?


  • Why Cadence is not showing in my rides on Strava? Wahoo Elemnt using Garmin sensors.

  • I am also interested in a solution to this problem
    .... many thanks

  • Elle,
    I tried your suggestion to get cadence to show from my Wahoo RPM cadence sensor with no luck. Is there something else I can try? I put in a ticket, but I thought you may have come across this given all the interest and issues. Thanks.

  • I have done some extensive testing with several off brand sensors from The key here with speed and cadence together in 1 sensor is to use the Wahoo Fitness app as your sensor host and workout/session recorder. Once you perform a workout in Wahoo, you can then share it to Strava or even several other popular apps if you like. All you have to do is go to settings, select Share, and then choose the apps you want to connect to from the list. You will need to login to each app and approve authentication. Once this is done, you simply select to share the workout and choose Strava from the list. Then when you open Strava, you workout/run/ride is there and ready for editing and to be saved or discarded as usual.

    In a sense, think of the Wahoo App as a host or cycling computer much like a Garmin or similar device. Best part is, if you use multiple apps for social purposes, you can share to each of them as you wish, just like you would do from a dedicated cycling computer.

    Wahoo also seems to be extremely friendly to a wide array of sensors, so it's definitely a good app to use if you are looking to save some cash on off brand ones. I basically have about the same data and response with $45 worth of sensors that my buddy has with his $400 Garmin. :-)

  • Just open up all sensors. People should able to choose gps or sensor for speed data

  • I am also interested in seeing my speed sensor data...

  • Hi true but I want to play with segments when training. Playing with Ghostracer at the moment for Android. All data including speed, graphics and upload Strava... Do have a look

  • I followed the directions in this article but am still seeing 0 RPM as my cadence in Strava, but can see the correct cadence in the Wahoo app. The cadence sensor is the only one currently paired with Strava, and is listed as a speed and cadence sensor.

  • Also having issues with the Wahoo "Speed & Cadence" option. The Wahoo app finds the sensors fine, but Strava cant see them, let alone record them... The device is listed as a supported device & yet is does not work.

    Not only wanting to record cadence but also minimize the lag in Strava auto stop feature when stopped in traffic. If Strava were to use the speed sensor it would know that I am stopped straight away rather that waiting for the GPS to realize that I haven't moved for > 40 seconds. Makes a huge difference the the overall average speeds on a ride.

  • Also, for what it's worth, the Wahoo cadence sensor reported my cadence fine in Strava up until the past few months. I don't know when exactly Strava stopped reporting any cadence other than 0 RPM from it, but I think it was sometime this past winter or early spring.

  • The workaround seems to work, though annoying. Can it be fixed as this seems to be a strava issue?

  • > The workaround seems to work, though annoying. Can it be fixed as this seems to be a strava issue?

    Do you mean the one where you remove all the sensors and then re-add the cadence & speed one before going on to add your others back too? If so, I tried that and it didn't seem to work. I can try again though.

  • The workaround worked once. But it seems to be inconsistent. It often takes 5 mins to start my ride with everything working as it should.

    I don't get why this can't be debugged and a workaround added to the next strava update. It works every time in the wahoo cycling app.

    This seems to have been going on for a long time.

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