How to get live stats on the Strava app

When recording, Premium members will see speed, cadence, heart rate, and power as real-time values instead of averages. Runs will still use average pace. Learn more about our Live Premium experience

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  • How do I change the app so it uses my Wahoo speed sensor to track speed instead of GPS? GPS is the less preferred option when I ride on the road, but for obvious reason doesn't work at all when I use my indoor trainer during the winter. Would really like to use the Strava app during my indoor training rides, but if I can't do this the premium membership isn't worth it.

  • Elle, would you have an answer to the question raised by Doug? I'm also interested to learn how a Wahoo speed sensor can be used to track - or actually only show the speed in Strava Live based on wheel revolutions instead of GPS?

  • I have a third to that request. I find that the GPS speed sensor can tell I'm stationary on by bike while on a trainer so it goes into auto pause. Cadence still works but it won't record speed data from the speed sensor.

  • Is current heart rate announced with a voice, or just displayed on a screen for premium users?

  • so I'm confused , so we will need a power meter and heart rate monitor right?

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  • I have bought the Polar Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor. I have set them up on the bike and the two devices are successfully being picked up by the Strava App. However, no read out is shown of speed or cadence? I am totally confused - do I need a separate Polar device to act as an intermediary or am I doing something wrong? If Strava picks up the device what is it doing with the information received from it?

  • meu ultimo pedal dia 09/05/2017 o qual fiz com mais 4 amigos todos os stravas marcaram certo já o meu marcou uma quilometragem bem menor e uma velocidade de mais de 200 km hora não sei onde falar aqui por favor me ajudem

  • Hi,

    I'm very interested in getting current/ average heart rate feedback during my workouts. I use the polar beat app at the moment and upload to strava just to get this feature, but I would like to get on strava.


  • I am a Premium member, but my live screen has now switched to average heart rate and average speed, and I can find no way to change it back. Any suggestions?

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