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Now that you’ve set up your profile, followed your friends and uploaded activities, you’re probably ready to start diving deeper into the Strava experience. The rest of this guide will show you how to view detailed activity analysis and track your progress over time with our training features, engage with other Strava athletes by joining clubs and push yourself or compete with other Strava athletes through Challenges and Segment leaderboards.

  • Segments- Segments are one of Strava's mainstay features. They are member-created and edited portions of road or trail where athletes can compete for time. You can explore segments that already exist on Strava or create your own. Once you’ve found some segments you like, you can get live feedback on your iOS, Android, or other compatible device.
  • Activity analysis- Once you have uploaded your activity, Strava offers several tools to analyze your workout. Look for the ‘Analysis’ tab on your activity page on the web to view more details about your run, ride, or other activity. Start swiping to the left on your activity page on Android and iOS.
  • Clubs- Navigate to the Clubs page on either the web or mobile app to explore pre-existing Strava Clubs. Club pages show recent rides and runs and allow discussions between Club members, and you can create your own Club through the web. All Clubs feature a leaderboard displaying the top athletes for the current week. 
  • Challenges- Strava hosts running and cycling Challenges each month that you can join on the web, or on your iOS or Android app. You can track your Challenge progress on a worldwide leaderboard. If you meet the parameters of the Challenge, you will receive an achievement that’s displayed in your Activity Feed.    
  • Subscribing to Strava will allow you to access even more features such as personalized coaching, live feedback, and advanced analysis.



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