Duplicate entries of Strava data in Health

When using the Strava and Apple Health integration, some Strava activity data is syncing twice in Apple Health. Troubleshooting this problem is difficult and hard to reproduce. In the meantime, below are steps that may temporarily resolve the duplicates:

  1. In Health, turn off all sources for each of the data types (Active Calories, Cycling Distance, Walking + Running Distance, Workouts). Close the Health app and the Strava app.
  2. Start the Health app again and turn all Strava sources back on, including the Workouts option.
  3. Open the Strava app, go to the "You" feed and pull down to refresh. Then scroll down through that feed to view past activities. This allows your data to be pulled from Strava and passed to the Health app.
  4. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the Strava app (when prompted to remove Health-related data, say yes). Go to settings after reinstalling Strava and enable Health sharing.
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  • Must be possible to rename the workout afterwards (which a lot of us do) without this triggering the duplicate activity. Of course possible to manually edit the Health figures by deleting the duplicates.

    Still pretty sure the Active Energy is uploaded wrongly (my figures are more than double in Health than what shows in Strava). Not possible here to see duplicates and thereby deleting.

  • I'm getting duplicate entries of Strava data in Apple Health.
    Just joined Strava and any historical data I uploaded via files is fine but any new rides added from Garmin are being duplicated in Health.
    It seems to duplicate only when I open the Strava App, although I've not checked this observation.

  • My experiences of this: if I sync an activity from Garmin Connect, then go into the Strava app on my smart phone, it will sync over to Apple Health; if I then mark the activity as private (or any other sort of change), the NEXT time I open the Strava app it will sync over a duplicate from the edited activity. You must be able to push an ID of some sort into Apple Health so that you can reconcile with it when the next sync to it is triggered.

  • I've done some further "testing" and the duplication occurs when the ride is closed in the Strava app (not even saving the ride), closed after viewing the ride.

    So in summary he initial ride is saved to health when the Strava app is first opened, a duplicate is saved after viewing the ride in the Starva app, but only when you first view the ride, subsequent viewing does not seem to save further copies of the ride to the health app.!

  • I get this problem without editing anything, but just by looking at the segment times after it's been uploaded.

  • I have in the past been using Garmin Connect (Edge 520) who syncs with Strava, who again is synced with Health. I have disabled sync with Garmin in Health. I always get dual entries in Health.

    Tried to today to only record my bike ride with Strava, and I made no corrections afterwards (no name change or anything). Still recorded the workout and cycling distance double in Health. The calculated energy which again is also shown on my Apple Watch, Activity, is an even a bigger mess. Totally wrong, and not possible to edit.

    Will now try to disable all sync with Strava, and rather use Garmin to sync with Health.

  • Deleting/reinstalling the app or cancelling each duplicate has become a real nuisance. I am now thinking of canceling my subscription and move to another app.

  • I have been getting duplicates.

    Worse though - sometimes my Strava entries in Apple Activity workouts have 0 calories. Sometimes it is just for Active Calories. Other times it is for both Active and Total calories.

    But the Apple daily calories clearly sees my Strava calories. So this may be an Apple bug. I once killed the Apple app, and restarted it, and that started to show the Strava calories. But that is not fixing my problem today.

    Apple not seeing the calories means it is not getting passed on to my diet app, so I am not getting credit for the calories as extra food. Very frustrating.

  • I will note that, for me, duplicated Strava entries proliferated in Health - often many more than just 2 copies of same workout (up to 6 in some cases). Deleting and re-installing Strava does seem to have cleaned it up, at least for now.

    I note that Strava has been working on this issue for about a month now. Prognosis?

  • Yes, I am the same as Doug above. Sometimes treble or quadruple entries appear in Health Kit. The vast majority of the time it is double entries though.

  • Hope the following may help troubleshoot this issue. I normally use Strava in the US, I went to HK in Oct and did a hiking there with Strava. I noticed the duplicates a few days ago after I got back in the US, the duplicate entry date is on the day I hiked in HK.

    I hope this issue will be resolved soon.

    Thank you

  • I have cases where a workout appears as many as nine times in the Health app's workout list. That's the most extreme. Two or three times is relatively common, but there are others that appear five or seven.

    I did recently delete Strava and re-install from my iPhone because an update was not installing normally.

  • Duplicate entries are is very annoying. I have just deleted many duplicate (sometimes triplicate) Strava cycling entries from the apple Health app, Activity Cycling Distance and then had to delete them from from Active Energy, Show All Data.

    Hurry up with a fix please, I'd like to go premium but not until this works.

  • I have had the same issue. Not just 1 duplicate entry - my strava workouts are showing as many as FOURTY (40) duplicates in Health and Activities on iOS. I deleted and reinstalled Strava and pulled in my workout feed and now I am seeing only one instance. Let's see how long this lasts though.

  • I followed the instructions and deleted and reinstalled Strava and then refreshed my workouts. Everything looked great.
    I did that on Dec 2. I then did 3 new workouts, and have synced my Garmin 3 times. I am now showing duplicate entries (and even 4 entries) for most workouts going back to NOVEMBER 16. But not before that. ( I have looked and I have older data on my garmin watch, so something is enforcing a 2 week limit on the look-back).

    I do not see duplicates for entries that I entered manually.

    One think I just did was remove the integration with "CopyMySports". I had that integration set up, but it may be replicating the native Garmin Connect -> Strava connection. Will try a workout today and see what happens.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue as everyone else. I don't have a Garmin watch. I either use Strava natively or I sync from TrainerRoad and I'm seeing 2, 3 or 4 copies of all my workouts. I rarely if ever change details on my workouts in strava these days so editing is not the cause of the duplication.

    Guys, this seems to have been occurring since august 2016 according to my activity feed.

    Four months and counting.

    This is extremely frustrating as I can't rely on any of my activity data - they're fairly meaningless yet pretty rings for me.

    Some insight into what's been done to date would be appreciated as would your plans to resolve this. There are several great suggestions amongst these comments.

  • If i delete the app and its health data, after reinstall it will the past data be synced to health?

  • Likewise, this has been ongoing for months and I'm getting very tired of it all. This in addition to the lack of basics on a premium account, like route finding, has definitely made up my mind. There is little to no reason to be paying for a service where they can't get the basics right.

  • Customer service told me in October to be patient, and that they were working on a solution, but I'm stuill waiting and paying for this subpar product.

  • To let everyone on this thread know: we feel your frustration and work is ongoing to try and resolve the duplicate entries so that they no longer occur. Last I heard, the issue was more complicated than originally anticipated. I'll share more news as soon as I receive it.

  • It's been over four months Elle... poor response.

    They have also been 'looking' at route searching for almost 2 years and top 10 KOM/CRs for premium members for 5, the most requested feature of all. If past experience is anything to go by, prioritisation seems to be issue at Strava.

  • I just assumed it had something to do with Garmin Connect duplicating its recorded results to Strava since they are linked. I just turned off the Strava on my Apple Health. While I am waiting like the rest of us I will see if this might help. After reading all of the above I'm not going to hold my breath!

  • i've been struggling with the same issue, and have tried all the tweaks suggested here. Works again for a while (showing only one ride), but then duplicates rides again after a few. Odd thing: i share activities with family through the Activities app on the phone/watch, and they see the duplicates too. And once i deleted all the data/apps/connections, reinstalled and reconnected, and then my family saw triplicate rides when i showed just one again... need this to be fixed...

  • I too would like to see some action here...

  • This is such a terribly annoying bug.

  • I cancelled my subscription and I will not use Strava until this problem is fixed. Let's see what alternatives the market offers.

  • I too have cancelled my subscription.

  • I dont think Strava is at fault here. It is the apple health app that is duplicating the entries. An easy check is that your activities in Strava is not duplicated but only in the health app. So why not take it up with Apple?

  • I observed that after strava first added an activity to Health it adds a few minutes later a workout and instead of linking it to the previously added activity it creates a new one and links to that. Maybe this is the cause for the duplication of activity entries?

  • Hi guys who've cancelled your subscriptions - I too was frustrated by this bug, and I've gone back to using Cyclemeter which you can configure to auto-upload to Strava. This seems to have solved the problem for me.


    EDIT: what I mean is, I record the workout in cyclemeter which then writes to HealthKit and strava. It takes the Strava --> HealthKit issue out of the equation altogether. 

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