Duplicate entries of Strava data in Health

When using the Strava and Apple Health integration, some Strava activity data is syncing twice in Apple Health. Troubleshooting this problem is difficult and hard to reproduce. In the meantime, below are steps that may temporarily resolve the duplicates:

  1. In Health, turn off all sources for each of the data types (Active Calories, Cycling Distance, Walking + Running Distance, Workouts). Close the Health app and the Strava app.
  2. Start the Health app again and turn all Strava sources back on, including the Workouts option.
  3. Open the Strava app, go to the "You" feed and pull down to refresh. Then scroll down through that feed to view past activities. This allows your data to be pulled from Strava and passed to the Health app.
  4. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the Strava app (when prompted to remove Health-related data, say yes). Go to settings after reinstalling Strava and enable Health sharing.
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  • On December 5, I deleted a subscription I had to CopyMySports. Since then I have had no issues.

  • This issue has been happening since much earlier than October. I started using Strava in May and already experienced this issue. At the time, there was an open KB article saying to just reinstall the app if it happened, with no indication that they were working on it.

    I never go back and edit my activities. They get duplicated completely at random every few weeks/months, going back years of imported data. The duplication affects activities imported from Runkeeper as well as activities recorded directly from Strava. It doesn’t matter.

    The problem seems to occur most frequently when installing a new version of the app, which may then pull activities back onto the phone and duplicate them. But I’ve seen duplication occur completely at random as well.

    Every fitness app I’ve used that used to cause duplicates has fixed them within a few weeks. Except Strava. Over a year and still going.

  • Strava? Anything g to say here or do I also need to cancel and move on?

  • I’m still seeing this too :(

    It makes it really hard to use other apps that analyse multisport fitness using data from the Health app with all the duplicated data. I’ve seen Strava workouts duplicated up to six times.

  • Hi, I know there are numerous emails floating around for this known issue. I have spotted a trend that may help in your diagnosis.

    If I set my rides as private then they are not duplicated. It is only my public rides that show up several times in health.

  • I think may have been corrected with the bug fix update today? Or is it possible that this is just a coincidence that my data did not duplicate as it had been doing previously?

  • Nevermind previous comment. Issue still exists

  • I love Strava but this has gone on way too long.

    Strava Please respond. We all feel ignored here. Throw us a bone. Give us an update on the progress.

  • Ok folks, when in doubt, turn to public messaging. Who's with me? RT and share please. https://twitter.com/markicardy/status/830056352177410053

  • Thanks Mark A. Good idea.

  • I'm tired of it too. The workaround with unstalling strava worked for 1 week, than the doubling and tripling entries were there again. I can see the uploading datetime in each health entry of the same ride, sometimes there are two of exactly the same datetime, sometimes there are two with months between. No rhyme or reason to it. Why can't the app simply memorize which activities it has been uploaded to health? Every ride has an Id (you can see it on the web site in the URL) and storing a checkmark for each Id local on the phone should be a task for a newbie programmer.

  • I really wonder how you can say tough to reproduce !
    It does duplicates each and every time
    On a bike do record
    Have a tour end recording
    Et voilà
    Since I have Strava it always did duplicated entries

  • Not seen to many RTs folks. Let's ramp up the pressure here, then it will be solved. Please RT (or just tweet yourself) https://twitter.com/markicardy/status/830056352177410053

  • I've only recently become aware of this issue, as I've started using Apple Health and Activities apps. Most of my activities are runs, and they've all been recorded with my iPhone (thus far... Just got an Apple Watch but haven't run with it yet). Some of my runs are duplicated almost a dozen times. I do very little socializing on Strava, and no tinkering with my activities (renaming, sharing, whatever).

    This is a Strava issue, not an Apple issue. It appears someone at Strava doesn't understand the IOS Health Kit SDK. Strava is my goto running app, but unless they fix this I may have to switch. And the new Apple Watch app - even though I've only opened it to see what it does - is buggy and crashes.

  • Also have this issue. Use Strava with Garmin Connect and Strava with Zwift. Duplicate entries for Apple Health on iPhone 6s. Frustrating.

  • If you are reading this thread trying to find a solution to your duplicate problem please leave a comment.

    I have been pretty vocal on here and on twitter but so far Strava has been silent. Personally I think it reflects pretty badly on the company not to comment.

    ...anyway, hopefully if enough people leave a comment here, maybe Strava will actually do something about it.

  • I use Strava with Garmin Connect (iPhone) and it seems whenever I make a change to an activity (change the description), I get a duplicate. Seems like a pretty easy thing for Strava to duplicate.

  • I only started getting this issue this week, Worked fine before. I used to be able to start a workout on my Apple Watch in the Strava App and it would also start the Strava app on my iphone so I could use it bit like a Sat nav as well. As long as I stopped the work out on my watch everything, including heart rate would be copied over to one work out log.
    This week for no apparent reason, the app on the watch doesn't seem to talk to the phone anymore and I have to start the app on the phone separately. Unfortunately one has the record of the heart rate data the other doesn't.
    I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the update for the Apple watch series 2? I have the original Apple watch so no GPS and depend on the phone for that.
    I realise I can just choose not save the data from the phone at the end of the work out so I only have the one record but slightly annoying it used to work perfectly now it doesn't.

  • Very frustrating issue and when combined with other nuanced problems, I'm increasing finding myself considering "unadopting" the service.

  • Guys, this post started FIVE MONTHS AGO! This should be a reasonably easy fix to determine root cause, put in a queue for resolution and get fixed. Why is this still an open item?

    Please correct. Sooner is better.

  • I am a premium member of Strava, and would really like to see this fixed PLEASE! it makes the Health app virtually useless. I use Strava every day and thinks its great. By fixing this problem, it would really enhance my health and fitness record keeping.

  • i agree with all the comments, this problem does not seem hard to duplicate and has certainly gone on for way to long. I too and using Garmin connect to up load to Strava and i also use the apple activity tracker for each run or ride. once i open Stava, I get a strata entry in the workout section along with the apple activity data. even though the setting have the apple activity taking priority.. Strava is the only activity app that this is doing it with.. surely it cant be that hard to reproduce.

  • Unfortunately, it seems we are not even close to a fix. This is my twitter conversation with Strava:

  • Hopefully when corrected it will also remove past duplicate entries.

    Strava - when can we get a status update?

  • Still no progress.....sigh... Today I got a marketing blast from Strava that talks about daily activity reports etc etc etc. On that email they provided a feedback URL . :)

    So..... I am sure you can guess what I did with that. :)

    The URL is this: http://news.strava.com/pub/cc?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DYQpglLjHJlYQGrOnrIzdEzgyMEphfd6zarze6JSYIt1SWtCAh7rzd1lzgvryJ3PCzda1ghVXtpKX%3DSRRTTDCB&_ei_=EolaGGF4SNMvxFF7KucKuWNjCRwaXc1Af_nOChIiTU_exGDgFRDKRv0J4kRFQfGxxDMuhXSwSygmQNhK.

    Feel free to use it as you please. :)

  • This is just incredibly bad QA and a clear lack of attentiveness to resolve what is obviously a wide spread issue. I enjoy using Strava for both cycling and running but this in an incredibly frustrating issue.

    Strava product management pull your socks up please and do something soon,as you can see your paying customers are leaving and I won't even consider one with this issue still existing!

  • Very well said Jason. I couldn't agree more.

  • Chris, I saw this yesterday too and was really pissed off by it.

    @strava We don't want "prettier" feeds, WE WANT THIS PROBLEM FIXED!!! Get your priorities straight and pay attention to the paying customers instead of worrying about bulllsh!t UI "enhancements".

  • I got this from Strava support on twitter: https://twitter.com/stravasupport/status/850528783182561281

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