Duplicate entries of Strava data in Health

When using the Strava and Apple Health integration, some Strava activity data is syncing twice in Apple Health. Troubleshooting this problem is difficult and hard to reproduce. In the meantime, below are steps that may temporarily resolve the duplicates:

  1. In Health, turn off all sources for each of the data types (Active Calories, Cycling Distance, Walking + Running Distance, Workouts). Close the Health app and the Strava app.
  2. Start the Health app again and turn all Strava sources back on, including the Workouts option.
  3. Open the Strava app, go to the "You" feed and pull down to refresh. Then scroll down through that feed to view past activities. This allows your data to be pulled from Strava and passed to the Health app.
  4. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the Strava app (when prompted to remove Health-related data, say yes). Go to settings after reinstalling Strava and enable Health sharing.
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  • Runkeeper went through a period like this too: crippling bugs everywhere in their app, yet they spent all their development efforts on useless junk that nobody cared about or used.

    Many people (myself included) canceled our membership and posted 1-star reviews on every new release. After about three months of 2-star averages on all their new releases, they pushed an update whose release notes simply stated, “Bug fixes are coming! Thank you for your patience!”

    Magically, Runkeeper is now much more stable. It still has bugs like any other piece of software, of course, but it’s at least usable once again.

    I suggest we take our comments off this forum, since Strava doesn’t read it anyway, and take our opinions where it matters: the App Store.

  • Really sorry everyone that this issue still has not been resolved. It is still a fix in progress and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as updates are available.

  • Elle Anderson, this is great news! Can you share the estimated delivery date for the bug fix? We won't hold you to it but I am sure you can appreciate that we need a light at the end of this tunnel.


  • Elle Anderson,
    How come you or anyone else from Strava have not addressed the "Feedback for the updated Strava feed" yet?

    There's almost 200 comments, yet no reply from Strava?

  • may I have your email please, need to discuss something. please.. I'm student and need to ask you for my final year project

  • @TomFancsy They can't handle the fact that everything they've done lately has resulted in massive backlash and loss of subscribers. I have no idea how they even press on blindly with such overwhelmingly negative responses.

  • Perhaps related (I too have been having the duplicate entries, and suspected that it was related to re-naming the events).
    But now the opposite is happening. Neither ride from yesterday show up in the Health app. I tried a hard reboot of the iPhone (7), toggling off the Strava sources, killing both apps, reopening Health and turning the sources on, opening up Strava, but still not getting any data from Strava to Health.

  • Same issue over here since many months ago. I've deleted Strava app, unlinked it from health app and deleted all data from Strava in health. Reinstalled Strava, relinked to health and scrolled all the way to the bottom of the "you" section of my feed. All data is populated to health again but... if I open a specific ride in Strava app to visualize it then it gets recorded again in Helath! It seems that it duplicates the activity only the first time you open it in Strava but I've also had older activities showing up several times in health (4, 5 even 6 times),
    Such a shame they apparently can't fix this bug.

  • This is very easy to replicate and the clue to the problem is within Apple's activity app.

    When you open Strava on your iOS device and scroll past your activity, this sends the "Workout" to Apple Health. If you look inside the Activity App, you'll see the "Workout" listed. However the active and total calorie field remain blank.

    Open Strava again on your iOS device and open the activity to see the details. This sends the "Workout" again to Apple Health. Look inside the Activity App and you'll see the active and total calorie fields will be filled in. However, the activity will appear as a duplicate in the Apple Health App.

    I can replicate this every time.

  • It's pretty easy to just delete the duplicates in Health.

  • Looks like no one has commented in 4 months but I'm still having the problem. I don't edit after saving and it duplicated every time without missing a beat. Nothing works but I've just been going to Health and manually deleting the duplicate each time I ride. Annoying though.

  • The Issue seems to be fixed for me!! Thank you strava. I have been on only two rides recently but neither one showed a duplicate. That hasn't happened in over a year.

    Not sure what's going on, or if it's just me? I haven't heard anything official from strava. ... but thanks👍

  • It's been one and a half years, and it's still happening. Something is going seriously wrong in this company - I'm just glad I don't pay money for it.

  • WTF, this is so frustrating, duplicate entries, triplicate, even 4 times on occasion, and no fix for a year and no explanation either.

  • I'm experiencing this issue and it's very frustrating. One of the big reasons I recently switched to iOS from Android was Heakthkit. If this seriously is the type of nonsense I have to tolerate I'm switching back.

    Has this bug resurfaced or is this still outstanding since October?!!

  • FWIW, I have similar issues with a sleep app (Sleep++) so I'm beginning to believe this is an Apple HealthKit issue, not Strava.
    I do still get 2 or more duplicates with Strava, I've always suspected it was due to renaming Morning Ride, the more than 2 never made sense.
    And Nokia just released a new version of the (previous) Withings app (weight scale and BP monitors devices) and since their app update, I'm getting nothing in Health.

  • Every fitness app that I’ve used had issues with duplicates in Apple Health. This is nothing new. The difference is they all got that resolved within a few weeks (or months, at worst). We’ve been complaining to Strava about this since AT LEAST May 2015.

    The Nokia Health app issue is completely different and has to do with Nokia not reregistering permissions correctly after the identifier change.

  • I've uninstalled the app many times and reinstalled, went through the steps, now I only get workout time to sync with healthkit, I'm not getting distance or active energy, and I'm not getting duplicate entries. I'm getting one entry, which is correct, but it isn't writing to Healthkit, wtf?!

  • Dear Strava team

    Please get this fixed. This is now a 9+ month old bug and still not fixed.
    In the meanwhile I consider to cancel my premium subscription and to switch apps.

  • Considering Strava a health app this is a pretty big deal that it messes with your health data. I'm new to the app but noticed multiple entries in health straight away. I'm shocked to learn this is bug has not been fixed for over a year and a half! Strava is one of the most expensive apps on the market and I feel this is letting down what is ultimately a good app and website.

  • For what it's worth, I thought I'd communicate that after a handful of uninstalls and reinstalls, I don't appear to be having this issue anymore.

  • I have found a similar solution to Simon Ellis'. Maybe not something you'd want to do but maybe something Strava or Apple can take a look at to figure out the problem. I got a cycle computer. The computer uploads its data to Strava and Health after my ride is complete, and the duplicates stopped happening. BUT... I must not use Strava to record the workout or it will happen again. This makes me believe that the issue is with Strava and not Health, as does Simon's post. For the time being, use another source to record your workout and upload the data to Strava afterwards.

  • I switched back to Android and not only does it sync properly, it also backfilled all the dates I used my iPhone. All is good, iOS sucks

  • I switched back to Android, installed Strava, everything is working great. In fact, it also backfilled all the days I was on the iPhone. So the Android version of Strava works great, it's just the iOS version. Perhaps it is indeed the fault of iOS/Healthkit after all.

  • It seems the duplicates (or triplicates, etc) happen when you open the activity in the Strava app more than once. Each time you open the activity (to see the details) it sends the data to Health again.
    It's very annoying and Strava seems to have had this problem for a long time (maybe it's been and off and on problem). It's one of the reasons why I started using Strava less because it messes up all the information in the Health app and seems to require manual deletion.
    Very frustrating because I think that Strava is otherwise a good app (despite the over-estimations on calories).

  • None of the options stated solve the problems of duplicate entry. I agree with others that this seems to be related to the same activity ID being updated in Strava after initial sync and wish Strava would give this the attention this deserves.

  • Health has a field "Date Added to Health", and a field "External UUID". I suspect that "External UUID" is a unique id, it has something like "strava://activities/1234567890". Look at all your data details, you'll see they are added to Health at different of times for the same UUID.

    I use Zwift that links to my Strava. Here's what I suspect (not happen all the time). Strava gets a session from Zwift and sends it to Health, and then after you open Strava to check it, strava sends the same session to Health again.

    It doesn't always happen. I did some experiments. Doing short warm up and warm down sessions (less than 3 miles), most of these short ones don't get duplicates. But one day, it duplicates and popped my theory. So it sucks big time.

    I think it's all Strava's issue.

  • In October of 2016 Elle Anderson said: "Fixing the Apple Health <> Strava integration is planned for 2017."

    Nine months later, it's still broken.

    What a shame.

  • This is still happening.

  • Can we please fix this

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