Duplicate entries of Strava data in Health

When using the Strava and Apple Health integration, some Strava activity data is syncing twice in Apple Health. Troubleshooting this problem is difficult and hard to reproduce. In the meantime, below are steps that may temporarily resolve the duplicates:

  1. In Health, turn off all sources for each of the data types (Active Calories, Cycling Distance, Walking + Running Distance, Workouts). Close the Health app and the Strava app.
  2. Start the Health app again and turn all Strava sources back on, including the Workouts option.
  3. Open the Strava app, go to the "You" feed and pull down to refresh. Then scroll down through that feed to view past activities. This allows your data to be pulled from Strava and passed to the Health app.
  4. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the Strava app (when prompted to remove Health-related data, say yes). Go to settings after reinstalling Strava and enable Health sharing.
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  • Michael, yes. Strava is creating duplicate Cycling Distance entries in my Apple Health and my cycling distance totals reflect all the duplicate entries. In my case, Strava is not creating duplicate Workout entries, so my exercise totals are accurate. I also have accurate Active Calories data because that is coming from my Apple Watch instead of Strava.

  • @Michael
    So now we are discussing whether Strava‘s entries in the Health app are consistently wrong or inconsistently wrong? ;-)

    Overall, it‘s been two years, and the lack of reaction on Strava‘s part is really making me upset. Software development isn‘t free, I get it, that‘s why I have subscribed. But they could have handled they could have disabled the feature if there is no fix for it in sight, so as to prevent inaccurate data to populate the Health app. Or they could have fixed it months and months ago.

  • Yes Michael. I am seeing something different. The mileage in the Apple health app is a sum of all of the duplicated/triplicated Strava entries.

    It seems to happen when updating the event in the Strava IOS app (changing the name or adding a picture).

    Strava app version 70.0.0 and IOS 12.0.1.

  • I just asked the question because I’m no longer seeing incorrect totals even when there are multiple entries for a single Strava activity. I did see incorrect totals when this thread first started, but not anymore.

  • After updating to IOS 12.1 I haven’t had duplicate rides. I’ve got two rides without dups now. Anyone else have success/failure?

    IOS 12.1 and Strava app 70.0.0.

  • On my third ride after updating to IOS 12.1 I got triplicate entries in Apple Health. I think this is still broken.

  • I have been using tapirik to sync across various exercise services (e.g. post my Strava bike rides to my Runkeeper friends groups). Unfortunately as it's a cloud solution it doesn't do much for Apple Health.

    I did just trip across an iOS app called "RunGap" that appears to solve a lot the poor syncing that plagues Strava and Garmin. I thought it may be a poor ecosystem API on the HealthKit side (if you search Garmin's forums for Health issues you get a similar string of angry users). However, RunGap does appear to have solved most of the issues referenced here and has some pretty granular syncing controls from my limited testing. I'm running iOS 12.1 fwiw.

    Caveat - I've used Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin, and Apple Health together since Apple Heath was released. I've used RunGap for all of 1 day. That being said, with RunGap I've seen more promise in 1 day than I have in years with Strava :-).

  • This problem went away for me when I swapped my Garmin Edge for a Wahoo Elemnt. I’ve disconnected strava from Apple Health, and just use the Wahoo app to write my ride stats to both Starva and Health directly.

  • This is a joke, still happening after two years. It’s why I cancelled premium, spend 5 minutes a day rooting through sources deleting duplicate rides or my Apple Heath data is ruined. 2 years and no fix. I’ve had two iPhone and three Apple watches since and it’s still broken.

  • Strava is now posting 4,5,6 duplicate rides for each activity, irrelevant of the source - Zwift, Garmin or iPhone. My mileage on Health is now nonsense.

  • Strava don’t give a monkeys 2 years of this. Going to just start using the Apple health app. Big shame.

  • Ok, this is getting ridiculous, developers. This isn’t a hard issue to fix. When you save to health kit, save the ID locally in Strava, and if you have an ID, don’t send it again. Canceling my subscription seems petty, but I’m about to do it because you guys have some critical issues that you literally refuse to fix, and I don’t think you deserve my money anymore. I used to have such high hopes for this company and an almost revolutionary product, but you’re really screwin’ the pooch lately.

  • Adam R, I completely agree. Strava used to be my number one favorite app but it is now something that I simply tolerate because all my friends are on it. As soon as something else comes along that suits me I’m gone. Strava customer service is non-existent. I have intended to cancel my subscription for a while now but just haven’t yet.

  • When I look at the Health data on my iPhone for October 18 of last year I see total cycling distance of 123K which is correct. For that date I see three entries from Strava, each with a 123K and each with the same UUID. And I see one entry from my Apple Watch which is also 123K. So, even though there are four 123K data sources, the total correctly shows 123K.

    So, at least with my watch and phone both Strava and Apple are doing the right thing. Strava broadcasts the UUID whenever there is a change (The even is renamed or photos are added, etc.) and Apple is using the data for that event exactly once.

    Yes, a few years back I as seeing total distances that were multiples of a single event, but Apple fixed that long ago.

    I guess, YMMV.

  • @Michael, my situation is as you describe, but the total is tripled. Three entries from strava, 3x the cycling mileage, and I get to decide which two to kill and hope I don’t forget and mess up my numbers :-(

  • @Adam - It baffles me a bit as to how his can happen. As I said, I haven’t seen erroneous totals based on multiple Strava entries for a very log time. Yeah, lots of multiple Strava entries for the same activity, but only one used in the totals.

    On he 11th I have two Strava entries of 21.4K, but the total cycling distance for the day is 33.7K; 21.4 from Strava and 12.3 from the Activity app.

    I know people don’t want to hear this, but Strava is handling this correctly. The UUID should be broadcast to clients whenever there is a change. It’s up to the client (HealthKit) to discover duplicates and only use one.

    Question: Do all your Strava entries for he same activity have the same UUID or are they differen?

  • Not sure what to tell ya. All UUIDs are the same, but the total is double:


    Maybe a race condition pushing to HealthKit twice, and they're unable to tell they're dupes? Only difference is the uploaded date. What I was suggesting in a previous post was that maybe just pushing the same external UUID twice doesn't have anything to do with guaranteeing uniqueness in Apple Health. I wouldn't assume that they would reconcile that for you, and would assume that you're tracking their IDs as well as them tracking yours.

  • @Adam - Is it doubled up in the Activity app as well?

    I went back and looked at Strava day going back to early 2017 and didn't see anything like what your screenshots show.

    I still think that this is an Apple problem and not a Strava problem.

  • Just checked my list of workouts in Apple Activity and duplicates are now popping up for workouts completed back in December. Pretty sure I previously deleted these duplicate entries, but now they’re back. Wtf?!

  • Yuck... I am so sad to have found this thread. Noticed this problem today while going through health app and was really hoping I just had screwed something up with my syncing. But I have the same problem as Adam R... And unfortunately, yes, mileage activities are being doubled or tripled. But not in every instance. I wonder if it is like another poster mentioned in that maybe it is when there is an update to the Strava activity.
    What is unfortunate is I can't clearly tell if this is contributing to any of the calorie information, which is what I was really going after when I found this issue.

  • I think the best thing to make Strava react is to write reviews on the App Store explaining the problem and to rate the App accordingly...

  • @Michael Unless you're a developer on this app and you've looked into this inside and out, I don't see how you could possibly say that it's an Apple issue. I have a dozen apps that connect to health, and literally none of them have this problem. What you seem to have identified is that YOU aren't having this problem, and I'm not sure all the people here are enjoying being spammed to ultimately not satisfy your confirmation bias. All we want is a solution, not to keep talking about the problem.

  • I came across this thread when I noticed duplicate cycling entries in the iOS Health app. I figured it was because I have a few items synced to Strava. I have my iPhone, Apple Watch, and Lezyne computer. I don't use the watch or the phone to record events, just my cycling computer. I'm wondering if I remove the watch connection in the Strava settings if this would help. Is this something others have looked into?


    I deleted the Apple Watch connection in the Strava App on the phone. I still get duplicates.

  • Since Strava is not fixing this issues since years, I decided the following to address the issue:

    1. Deactivating Strava HealthKit sharing
    2. Downgrading Straka account from Premium to Normal
    3. Purchasing RunGap Swapbag for sharing workout data across various services including proper HealthKit integration

    Since then I have one additional manual step in my workflow, if I completed a workout and that is to open RunGap and share the data with whatever service I want plus with Apple Health.

    Works like charm.


  • It’s still happening. I almost always get three cycling distance logs in the health app for every bike ride I record in Strava.

  • Having the same frustrating problems. With my data, the issue is that whilst the Strava data is duplicated (or triplicated) it is only in Apple Activity/Health so I can't imagine there being much incentive for Strava to address this.

    Annoyingly, I get duplicate entires in Apple Activity when I use the Strava App on the Watch, and get triplicate entires when I use a 3rd party App (e.g. Polar Beat/Flow).

    Giving up on Strava and written to Apple to see if they can update their Apps so they can close the loop their end. I feel that I have a better chance of getting Apple to fix Strava's problem then Strava themselves!

  • Has anyone tried HealthFit syncing?
    I'm sure many of you have an Apple Watch as I do. I don't use it because I wasn't aware I could export the data that it records. I just came across HealthFit app that says it syncs an Apple workout and all it's related data to all the popular fitness tracking apps/sites. I'm going to give it a shot and see how it compares to how I've been doing it which was using a Lezyne Super GPS to track everything. I'll still run the Lezyne but turn Strava upload off.

  • Hi Robert, I've used HealthFit and it worked beautifully! I was using it so that I can use the Apple Activity App to record my rides as opposed to Strava's Watch app (or iPhone app) as I really don't like it (story for another day...)

    So with HealthFit on the iPhone I set all the "write" functions in Apple Health off so that Strava doesn't send duplicate information(!!) and then use the Apple Health app to record my rides - and this works really well.

    So if you are like me and use Garmin (or something else) for training and rides in general but on your n+1 bike just don't have a head unit then recording your casual rides via the Apple Activity on the Watch works really well. The GPS accuracy on the Watch is good and the HR reading is spot on so generally I find it works really well for recording my rides and it avoids the nasty and frankly annoying Strava data duplications!

  • Good to hear Ken. Just to make sure I understand what you mean by "on the iPhone I set all the "write" functions in Apple Health off so that Strava doesn't send duplicate information". Do you turn off Strava (All Categories) as a source in the Health App under Sources?

  • Hi Robert,

    To clarify there in the Health app, under Strava there are two sections: "Allow Strava to write data" and "Allow Strava to read data". When using HealthFit to record your workouts you need to turn off "Allow Strava to write data" off (that is every slider under this section) and this will stop Strava from writing duplicate workout data in your Apple Health and Apple Activity.

    Hope that helps :)

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