Duplicate entries of Strava data in Health

When using the Strava and Apple Health integration, some Strava activity data is syncing twice in Apple Health. Troubleshooting this problem is difficult and hard to reproduce. In the meantime, below are steps that may temporarily resolve the duplicates:

  1. In Health, turn off all sources for each of the data types (Active Calories, Cycling Distance, Walking + Running Distance, Workouts). Close the Health app and the Strava app.
  2. Start the Health app again and turn all Strava sources back on, including the Workouts option.
  3. Open the Strava app, go to the "You" feed and pull down to refresh. Then scroll down through that feed to view past activities. This allows your data to be pulled from Strava and passed to the Health app.
  4. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the Strava app (when prompted to remove Health-related data, say yes). Go to settings after reinstalling Strava and enable Health sharing.
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  • Strava is ending support for bluetooth connections to the app. So, I mean it goes without saying, but don't ever expect this to get fixed. They seem to be shrinking features on their apps in favor of just collecting your data.

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  • Strava claims to have fixed this in Strava v125, available to TestFlight users.

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  • Let's hope so!

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  • Well that's quite the departure from "we're a small team and we'll never fix this"! I'm super excited for this to make it to the general release!

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  • Yeah well.... There are other issues related to HealthKit integration... My friend could never get his watch app to run reliably (gets the message - Install app on the phone etc.). I had a little trouble also, but not as much as him, but once is good enough. Anyway, I started using Zones. It displays heart rate on the watch in real time (almost) and report everything to Apple Health. Strava only reports some parameters. Pretty frustrating. If I use Strava to record and other apps to look at the data, then I don't get GPS data and some other bits.
    Strava would be served well to allow recording with whatever we want and read HealthKit data. That way, they won't have to maintain a buggy watch app, HeathKit reporting and duplicates, etc. Shunning Apple health is not a good idea... look at FitBit!

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