Spam, bots, solicitations and fraudulent activity on Strava

We take any fraudulent activity seriously at Strava and we work constantly to prevent such activity that violates our terms and affects the user experience. As is the same for any open social network, it is not possible to block spam, bots, unwanted solicitations and fraudulent activity entirely. However, we are at your service to help whenever possible. 

Please reach out to us directly with any further questions and to report fraudulent or spam activity.

To contact us, submit a request at the bottom of this page and select the "Report or Flag data" option. 


At this time, we offer tools to flag an Activity to report data quality concerns, as well the ability flag a Segment as hazardous. We do not have a tool to flag an Athlete, comment, Club, or other potentially offensive or harmful content. We would love to hear your feedback on this topic as we work to consider future projects around reporting data on Strava. Thanks! 

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  • Spamming 'athletes ' in breach of Strava conditions of use should be able to be flagged and promptly removed/accounts closed by strava according to those conditions.

    Users can police but prompt action by Strava must be delivered so that this doesn't escalate to higher levels.

    Having random athletes spam with advertisements or offensive links is not what the strava social experience is about

  • My name is Pete Moody, and have been on stava for just over a year. Just recently, like yesterday 12/02/2016, I picked up a clone. Every time I log an activity, an entity with no picture shows up on my rides as one of my followers. It always shows the exact same route, distance & elevation that ive done. I might be posting this on the clone sight now for all I know. My computer knowledge is limited. The account with the picture of me with my flourescent yellow climbing hat is me... How do I get rid of the clone? Please advise! PS: The double mileage & elevation doesnt show up on my real account...

  • Hi Pete, I've created a support ticket for you so that one of our agents can look into this directly.

  • Hi my name is Ian Mcclean. Over a month ago I was added by someone called Manu Velappan. But since then on a regular basis he deletes me then adds me. other users have had the same problem. He claims its not him removing then adding riders. But his strava automatically adds others when they add him. Is there somewhere in stravas setting that allow this? Or is it a case whereas he has a separate app added to strava? Or is his device got malicious software on?

  • Hi Ian, I've created a support ticket for you.

  • Hi my name is Ademir Sprung, I've tried to flag one workout from one guy that used a motorcycle, but I didn´t succeed. This guy did it to mess with an opponent. What I can do to Flag this workout? Below the workout:


  • @Ademir, Looks like the activity you mention has now been flagged.

  • Hi, i have several users who repeatedly follow me. the latest example is Muhammad Zaini. The one reported by Ian McClean is another one doing it as well. What is up with this & can we stop them following us repeatedly?


  • Hi Allan,

    Block the athlete by going to your followers, click the gear icon next to their name and click block athlete. It seems you have to do this on the PC as it can't be done on the mobile app as far as I know.


  • Thanks for that info. Already knew that but was trying to avoid. This guy Britez Pardim reckons it is something I'm doing but given I haven't touched any settings for a very long time, he's clearly lying or stupid or ignorant of actions. What I was hoping for was info telling me why this is happening. If it is deliberate, these people should be banned. Should be able to track their activity if your systems are capable. If it is accidental, i.e. a bug, it needs to be fixed. Thanks for your time.

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