How to import a GPX File as a Strava Route

Strava Labs showcases interesting side projects enabled by the Strava dataset. These projects are independent of Strava and may be added, removed or break at any time. Strava Labs has a project for uploading a GPX file as a Strava Route: You can upload a GPX file using this Labs project and you will be redirected to the Strava route builder to save the new route to your Strava account. However, if the route data in the GPX file has any issues matching to the Strava basemap of known routes, the Route builder may not be able to process the new route. In this case, you may see the error: Error computing route. Reset. In this case, it's best to re-create the Route by manually plotting the points in Strava. 


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  • It does not work. When I upload a gpx file, it loadsthe paths but shows a "error computing" message and then it does not let me do nothing else.

  • Yesterday I could finally upload one route from gpx using Internet Explorer browser instead of Chrome or Edge. Today I tried to upload the same gpx in internet explorer and it is notworking aymore. The same gpx file and the site launches de "error computing" message. So frustrating.

  • Error computing route on any GPX, even GPX files exported from Strava itself. :(

  • still not working :/

  • I don't understand why don't you fix it? For me it's me most useful feature of Strava.

  • Com'on Strava! It's about time to solve. It's very frustating not to see things happen where soo many tell you it's needed. Currently I need to renew my subscribtion but hmmmm....

    The app os great, this matter is not.

  • I support all those who wrote above. This is absolutely no good at all. If my route is not on the roads, then I specially built using different images of satellites. For a year it's time to correct this mistake. Resentment.

  • It defies all levels fix that Strava don't seem to be interested in this error, importing GPX files is such a crucial and killer feature for keen cyclists. I've had to subscribe to RideWithGPS as well now as riding a JOGLE soon. Will cancel Strava subscription until it's fixed, although that doesn't seem to bother them either.

  • The only reason I keep drawing routes on strava is because many people use this app. But it´s a headache every single step to create a route. Totally different to MapMyRide where I draw in five minutes a route wich takes sometimes 2 hours in strava builder. For example, MapMyRide has a way to upload gpx / tcx files and create the route, it has no problem showing roads wich doesn´t exist in strava maps an has a very beautiful "car mode" so I can connect one point in the map to other 90 kms away without having to use the "manual" way in strava because the sttava builder doesn´t allow me to use hihgways. Instead strava always take me to the secondary streets, wich no road biker should ride.

  • Found this workaround online at


    1) Export the GPX Track (not route) to your desktop.

    2) Upload it on as an activity.

    3) Save the activity as a route.

    4) Delete the activity

    hope this helps

  • Glad I found this page. Thought I was doing something wrong. I switched to Strava recently, but agree- I may go back to other apps unless this can get fixed!

  • I have 4 GPX files, which were given me ahead of cycling event, which I take part in. the files have no timestamps, only GPS data. How can I create routes out of them, as I need to get them into my Wahoo ELMNT device? I am ready to provide files if needed. thanks.

  • Same thing as everyone else. It does not work.

  • Same problem. Why is Strave silent about this major flaw in their system?

  • It's a side project (Strava Labs). Although some comments from the authors would be good. Or if the project abadoned?

  • "Strava Labs is where Strava engineering occasionally releases side projects independent of our product and share our processes and stories. Projects may be added, removed or break at any time, so use them at your own risk. " :(

  • Doesn't work when you download from OpenRunner as GPX, and upload to Strava.
    If you uploadthe same GPX to Runtastic, it runs.......

  • Poor show Strava ! Time you sorted this fundamental flaw of not being able to import GPX routes. why would anyone pau for premium membership without this feature ? Not good enough !

  • Worked once, now I only get errors. Tried several formats and manual drawing of gpx. This is a great feature but it needs some work ;-)

  • I have complained about this in the past with no satisfaction. My premium membership was based on routing capabilities as I travel the country. It does NOT work.

    "Upload a GPX file or a Strava activity and convert it to an editable route.

    Error computing route. reset"

    After many attempts I end up switching to other means.

  • Suunto route builder (movescount) works great ;-)

  • Wow. Just came to Strava from another app, and I can't understand why everyone is using Strava. It's practically useless as-is. I tried creating a route in manual mode, and as soon as I moved onto some single track that wasn't on the map, it crashed repeatedly. Doesn't Strava have a clue? Back to what I was using before.

  • As this is a strava labs project it could stop working anytime.

    The problem is that Strava folks don't communicate anything, even that they're discontinuing the project.

  • So, I got this to work after posting a premium member support request.

    1) Take your GPX file (it's just XML text) and open it with notepad (my favorite is Notepad++)
    2) Do a search and replace on '' replace with '2015-01-13T08:14:17Z' or some other useless time.
    3) Create a Manual Activity in Strava. Not necessarily easy to find either (try the orange plus sign in a square in the upper right by your login info - I wouldn't have thought so, but there it is).
    4) Create a manual activity. On the next page, select 'File' on the left, and then 'Choose Files'.
    5) Choose your file and upload it. After it's done (hopefully without complaint), give it a dummy name.
    6) Create a route or do whatever it is you wanted to do and
    7) (optional) delete the activity.

    Simple right? Too bad software can't automate these types of things. ;)

  • Tom, AFAIK this is not the same, because you cannot edit routes created from activities. :(

  • Strava needs to allow the route that wasn't build along a trail/road/sidewalk to imported.

  • @Tom Cruttenden - this did it for me, but in my case (route export from RideWithGPS) I had no timestamp information, and so I had to add, for example:

    < time >2014-09-04T03:02:59Z< /time >

    to each node, after the < ele >xx< /ele > entry.

    I could then upload as a manual activity and convert to a route

    (remove the spaces from the tags - this was the only way I could add them to the comment)


  • Never works. Always get Error computing route. What a crap!

  • It works, thank you.

  • Just load as activity and select to create a route, works fine. Now just need to try and see if GPS coordinates match in real life...

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