How to import a GPX File as a Strava Route

Strava Labs showcases interesting side projects enabled by the Strava dataset. These projects are independent of Strava and may be added, removed or break at any time. Strava Labs has a project for uploading a GPX file as a Strava Route: You can upload a GPX file using this Labs project and you will be redirected to the Strava route builder to save the new route to your Strava account. However, if the route data in the GPX file has any issues matching to the Strava basemap of known routes, the Route builder may not be able to process the new route. In this case, you may see the error: Error computing route. Reset. In this case, it's best to re-create the Route by manually plotting the points in Strava. 


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  • Doesn't work. I import the .gpx, can see the route but get the "Error Computing Route" and can't save.

  • I also tried it without success. No good at moment.

  • Need help uploading a gpx file. I'm stravaing from my android phone and it died on my ride. I've done that ride before, got the file ( but when I'm trying to upload it the only file upload options I'm getting are from my computer files, not this strava file. How do I do this?

    I did read this article and it's not helpful. Can you walk me through it? Or something?

  • I use garmin legendh. I can create gpx files, but i guess strava need something more than a simple gpx file, it requires also the time per way point... so I guess most of 10 year old garmins wont work without re-formating the data files. Anyone has solve this with another software or self computing? I guess with fortran or similar just adding to the gpx file the start and end, would work?
    Any quick solution? Garmin base came tool?

  • Broken failing "Error computing route".

  • It seemed to work OK for me, I just downloaded a GPX route and uploaded it to Strava as per your instructions "et voila" there it was. Just had to name and save it.

  • I too got the "Error computing route." Then I found a post from Francis Saul who suggested the work-around listed below. It worked for me.

    1.) Export the GPX to somewhere. Your desktop is fine.

    2.) Upload it to Strecke erstellen | GPSies. It will automatically put in time info (it assumes you went 10 mph. Whatever.)

    3.) Export the GPX Track (not route) to somewhere. Your desktop is fine.

    4.) Upload it on as an activity.

    5.) Save the activity as a route. (click the wrench in the upper left of the page.

    6.) Delete the activity.

  • I get Error computing route too. :(

  • This would be a wonderful feature to have and I just tried it but it didn't work: Error computing route. Reset. HOWEVER... I could see the route was pretty much there in the map.... I think it must just need the odd edit here and there.
    Therefore can the tech change to highlight where the errors are in the route so they can manually be corrected?

  • i had the same problem: even if you export and import an real activitie that was in your activities history !

  • Does not work!!


  • I've never seen this work - totally pointless, come on Stava this has been broken for years!

  • Hi there Strava team,

    First of all, thank you for the support of such a great app. I love to use it as it's such a great tool for cyclists. However, not being able to upload GPX files is really a downside. I have tried several workarounds, but unfortunately none of them seem to be working.

    Can you tell me and the community; is this something you are working on? Are there any other options available to create Routes based on GPX files?

    Thanks for the information,

  • This is still not functioning. just fix this thing.

  • Really disappointing that this upload of GPX tool doesn't work still after all this time.
    It was temperamental 2 years ago. But now it just seems to 'error computing route' every time

  • Where is this non-feature on your sprint backlog, Strava teams? If it's nowhere, can we just get rid of all reference to the alleged feature? If it is somewhere, when do you expect it to be delivered. Because right now it ... Does. Not. Work. Thanks.

  • If Strava support would give the user community some pointer, tip or advice on how to upload a route, it would be greatly appreciated. I have long been in the camp of the frustrated users who would move to Pro if only I knew this would be properly implemented.

  • This here is one more example why I'm not ready to pay for Premium. Another is the maps database is VERY dated. Roads that have been in existence for years are still not 'seen' by Strava maps/Route Builder. How long has it been in beta? Is there any link to a software development/feature roadmap that Strava IT is working on?

  • This is a great feature.... if it actually worked. I've tried multiple times with different .gpx files and almost always fails, but does upload to my other go-to site for routing:

    I once tried 5 times with same .gpx and the last time it worked. Other than that, never been able to get it to work, always errors with "Error computing route", even though you can see the route on the map.

    This is annoying as I would use this feature a lot, every sportive or club ride, i like to have in my Stava account to sync with Wahoo for route guidance.

    Strava team - i'd be grateful for an update on this. Even if you've mothballed it - At least I know to look else where.

  • Still broken ... @strava: If you show errors, at least tell what the problem is so we can fix the GPX file manually .. since you guys are not willing to fix this

  • I am trying to import a gpx and also get the "error computing route" message. I have asked the person who created the route if they have the same problem but they say no issues uploading route. this is for a charity bike ride and I am keen not to get lot on my way to Paris, any help would be appreciated.

  • It still doesn't work.... I always get 'Error computing route' with GPX from various sources. This should be basic functionality for a tool like Strava. Please show more error details.

  • this just does not work, I've tried multiple GPX files and they all give the "Error computing route" message.

    How come just about every other app can do this but not Strava which is supposed to be one of the best in its field?

  • Doesn't work for me -have submitted a ticket but the issue is pretty much similar to some posted before.

    I've created a GPX file using because Strava doesn't have a reverse function (hint, hint...).

    Strava Labs import doesn't work -computing error.

    I can send the GPX if required.

  • doesn't save...

  • From route builder to this - its all such a pos. So damn frustrated - but that's what you get for free.

  • Such a shame this is so broken. Same feature works fine in RideWithGPS so surprised Strava can't be bothered to fix it and add it as a premium feature if needs be. I'm increasingly going back to Ride with GPS now for all routing

  • Please fix adding GPX as a Strava Route. This is a key feature for all those people who participate in sportives, brevets and other events.

  • I’ve been writing about this to strava. Looks like they do not care about this issue too much. Sad.

  • This is still failing, on both the Strava Labs and Create route from Activity options. Creating a route for a long ride is a key feature that should work, this sort of bug should have been fixed a long time ago!

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