How to import a GPX File as a Strava Route

Strava Labs showcases interesting side projects enabled by the Strava dataset. These projects are independent of Strava and may be added, removed or break at any time. Strava Labs has a project for uploading a GPX file as a Strava Route: You can upload a GPX file using this Labs project and you will be redirected to the Strava route builder to save the new route to your Strava account. However, if the route data in the GPX file has any issues matching to the Strava basemap of known routes, the Route builder may not be able to process the new route. In this case, you may see the error: Error computing route. Reset. In this case, it's best to re-create the Route by manually plotting the points in Strava. 


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  • I've just quit Strava full subscription over this. There has been no communication from Strava about how or even if they intend to fix this problem.
    Other guys have been suggesting other apps. It's a shame. I love Strava. But sometimes businesses just lose sight of what's important.

  • I was able to get this to work today on StravaLabs (Thursday, 9/20/18). I downloaded the .gpx file from RideWithGPS and then importorted it using StravaLabs, worked pretty well.

  • An addition to my previous topic, I used the project URL: To import .gpx route information from other route builders, like: RideWithGPS. This is a desktop only strategy however.

  • Shouldn't have to use other apps to get data Strava is providing, to put data back into Strava. Strava support is useless.

  • Thanks Scott. That URL just worked for me on two GPX files that had been failing (although it seems to be failing again). Any idea what makes it work and/or what the #12 represents, version?

  • What I find particularly odd is that the entire route is generated perfectly in the route builder UI, but it still says "Error computing route". Feels like there's an uncaught exception in the code.

  • Heureka!
    If you check out the strava, after work it the gpx upload

  • IT WORKS AGAIN!!!! :)

    @István: műűűködíííííííík wááááá :D

  • Many GPX files lack timestamps (ie positions only). These files will generate "Error computing route" when trying to upload in Strava. There is a very easy way to add artificial timestamps to your GPX file. I tried and got it done in under a minute. Upload went smooth afterwards in Strava. Give it a try, and if it works for you too, please upvote/upkudo my comment ;-)

  • I had the same issue of everybody in this forum.
    But after moving the map to the geographic location of the Route being imported I was finally able to import the Route.
    The second step was to save to my account.
    I had my account oppened on another Google Chrome page.
    Then I clicked Save and Edit
    The first two attempts gave me nothing. Nothing happened.
    Then I tryed doing a Zoom In and Zoom Out on the map.
    Then I pressed the Save and Edit button again and voilla, the page changed to Strava Route editor.

  • Yes, this is broken. Are the lights on at Strava?

  • Hi Dudes. I try everything. Export from Komoot,, a route converter app, a tool to delete all unimportant tags, time-stamps etc and I export a original Strava activity, too. Nothing runs. Its a pitty, but the only way is: Create a new activity, click to "create route", save the route and delete the manual activity.

  • tudok valahogy gpx fájt feltölteni stravara???

  • Is the failure to upload a gpx file fixed if I subscribe to Premium?

  • i don't know how to reply comment, but suggestion from Tim Chesnutt really works for "error computing Route". Just remember, when you proceed in gotoes, click "send to Strava" instead of downloading new gpx with timestamp.


  • @Dammers R. "Is the failure to upload a gpx file fixed if I subscribe to Premium?" - No.
    Generally I love Strava but this bug is fucking annoying.

  • I need Strava to import GPX without trying to match it to a know route. The GPX are for trails, so there are no routes where I'm going.

  • I found the following workaround when GPX-to-route did not work, using just strava itself:

    -Log in to
    -Click on the Add-symbol (+)
    -Choose "Upload activity"
    -Choose "File"
    -Upload the GPX you want to convert and make a new "fake" activity with that GPX
    -Go to that activity (e.g. Dashboard -> Click on "activities" -> Click on the activity title)
    -Click on the three dots, and choose "create route".
    -Wait for the route builder to open up/compute, then click Save.
    -Delete the fake activity


  • Way too long-winded of an intro without telling you how to do it ! Far too many "errors computing route" to continue using Strava

  • Great stuff worked faultlessly all ready for a race now

  • Strava, I’ve been a premium member for four years now. I’ve told countless friends about this app. But if I can’t upload gpx routes to create a new route, I will move to another app that will allow me to upload such routes. And if I’m paying $80 to RideWithGPS, I don’t think I’ll see the need for my premium Strava account.

  • This is useless. Imported routes contain so many errors, that it's impossible to use them for any purpose. For a leading app, this is a really poor show, particularly for such a basic feature. All you have to do is NOT snap to the roads, do not do any postprocessing at all and simply take the data as is, but that's apparently too hard.


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