Privacy Options and Information - iOS

Strava offers several options to help you manage your privacy from the mobile app. Additional privacy settings can be found on

  • Changing your Privacy Settings
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Private Activities
  • Other Privacy Options

Changing your Privacy Settings

Navigate to your Privacy Controls from the 'More' (1) button on the bottom right of the screen. Select 'Settings' (2) and look for 'Privacy' (3)


IMG_8866.png IMG_8837.png 


Enhanced Privacy

From the Privacy Controls screen you can toggle Enhanced Privacy on or off. Enabling Enhanced Privacy allows you to manage who can follow you and see details about your activities:

  • Your name will be anonymized to logged out athletes
  • Athletes have to request approval to follow you
  • Only approved followers can see or download your activities on your Strava profile
  • Only approved followers can see your photos

Private Activities

You can make individual activities private by using the 'Edit Activity' option (4). These activities won't be shown to other people, and are not eligible for leaderboards and other public recognition. 




Other Privacy Options

Further customize your privacy at to:

  • Create a privacy zone to hide portions of your activity that start or end in your zone from all athletes
  • Block individual athletes from following you
  • Opt out of Flyby, a web-only feature that allows you to see who you rode or ran by during your activity by overlying these activities on one map

Learn more about all available privacy settings here.

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