Privacy Options and Information

The Strava Android app offers several options to help you manage your privacy from the mobile app. Additional privacy settings can be found on

  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Private Activities
  • Other Privacy Options

Enhanced Privacy

If Enhanced Privacy is OFF

  • Anyone can view your profile. 
  • Logged-in Strava athletes can follow you.
  • Anyone can see your photos.
  • Logged-in Strava athletes can see and download your activities on your Strava profile. 

If Enhanced Privacy is ON

  • Your name will be anonymized (e.g. Christian L.) to all logged out athletes.
  • Only Strava athletes that you approve can follow you.
  • Only Strava athletes that you approve can see your photos.
  • Only approved followers can see and download your activities on your Strava profile.

Enhanced privacy does not make all of your activities completely private. It means that athletes can't see your activities on your profile page. If the activities aren't explicitly marked as "private" (the lock icon), they will be publicly accessible by anyone with the activity link and can also be accessed from some challenges and segment leaderboards.

Private Activities

You can make individual activities private by using the 'Edit Activity' option (highlighted below). These activities won't be shown to other people, and are not eligible for leaderboards and other public recognition. 

skitch.png Screenshot_20171011-202632.png

Other Privacy Options

Visit to:

  • Hide your home, office, or any other locations by creating Privacy Zones. 
  • Block individual athletes from following you

Learn more about all available privacy settings here.

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