Strava Challenges FAQ

Can I remove the Challenge entry from my feed?

No, it is not possible to delete or hide a challenge join or progress entry from your feed.

Why aren't my activities counting towards a Challenge I joined?

There are several things that could prevent your activities from counting towards a Challenge. Reviewing the Additional Info section on the Challenge page will give you more information about the individual Challenge (look for the (i) icon on the Strava mobile app.) Some common reasons are:

  • For most Strava Challenges, manual entries, treadmill runs or runs marked private will not count towards your Challenge effort.
  • There is a certain pace threshold that a run activity has to be under to count towards running Challenges. If your pace exceeded that threshold, please proceed with submitting a support ticket that includes the name of the Challenge in question.
  • For most Gran Fondo Challenges, the elapsed time of the qualifying activity must be under 24 hours. If you completed the required distance within the 24-hour time constraint, but the elapsed time of your activity was longer, please proceed with submitting a support ticket that includes a link to the activity and the name of the Challenge in question.
  • Currently, changing activity types from the default type indicated in the file are preventing the activity from counting towards challenges. If you're still in the Challenge timeframe (refer to the Additional Info section) you can leave and rejoin the challenge to recalculate your challenge standings.

If your activity is not included in the above, please proceed with submitting a support ticket. Include the name of the Challenge and any relevant activities.

I can't find the Challenge I'm looking for

Strava routinely promotes several Challenges at a time in the Challenges gallery on the web and in our mobile apps, but there are some Challenges which are not promoted by Strava and therefore do not appear in the Challenges gallery. These Challenges are promoted directly by our partners and are accessible from the partner's website(s) or from feed entries generated on Strava when people you follow join the Challenge.

How can I leave a challenge I've already joined?

You can opt to leave the challenge in one of the following three ways:

  1. From the Strava Website, navigate to the challenge page and hover your mouse beside your picture on the right side.  The "Leave Challenge" option will only appear when activated by your mouse. Fullscreen_11_9_17__2_57_PM.png
  2. From the Strava app for iPhone, scroll to the bottom of the information screen accessed from the More Information (i) icon at the top right of the Challenge page.
  3. From the Strava app for Android, tap the Menu button on the Challenge page and selecting Leave Challenge.


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