Why aren't my activities counting towards a Challenge?

There are several things that could prevent your activities from counting towards a challenge. Reviewing the Additional Info section on the Challenge page will give you more information about the individual challenge (look for the (i) icon on the Strava mobile app.) Some common reasons are:

  • For most Strava challenges, manual entries, indoor activities, and activities viewable by only you or your followers will not count towards your challenge effort. You can learn more about managing your activity's privacy controls here.
  • For most Gran Fondo Challenges, the elapsed time of the qualifying activity must be under 24 hours. If you completed the required distance within the 24-hour time constraint, but the elapsed time of your activity was longer, please proceed with submitting a support ticket that includes a link to the activity and the name of the challenge in question.
  • For Virtual Race Challenges, make sure your run activity is marked as a "race". You can do this during the upload stage by selecting "Race" under the Tag field on mobile or under the Run Type dropdown on the web. If you've already uploaded your activity to Strava you can edit your activity using the Edit icon on mobile or the pencil icon on the web and select "race" using the same options as described above.
  • If everything checks out give the following a try:
    • Find the Leave option on the challenge page (use the menu button on the mobile app or hover over your name on the website).
    • Leave the challenge, then a few moments later re-join. You can only re-join the challenge if it is still active. 
    • These steps will refresh your data for the challenge and should fix any issues with your results, milestone or completion badges.
    • If you're still having issues, or the challenge has already ended, please proceed with submitting a support ticket.
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