My Activity has the wrong date?

If you see your activity on Strava with the wrong date, it is most likely a recording error of the device you are using to record GPS. A GPS file is composed of location coordinates and timestamps where each coordinate occurs. Strava simply reads the earliest timestamp in the file that is uploaded to Strava and displays it as the start time on the activity page.

For example, if there is an error in the beginning of the activity file where a device incorrectly records a date far in the past (1980 for example) then Strava will display the ride as starting in the year 1980 even if the remaining timestamps are correct. 

If the device records all time data as occurring on an incorrect day or incorrect year (like far in the future as can happen with Garmin devices) then Strava will display the activity on that date and year. More about Garmin devices and bad time data. 

1. If you're using a GARMIN device:
There's a useful third party site that you can use to adjust the date of a Garmin activity. First, you can get the FIT file from the device's internal storage or export the FIT file from Garmin Connect.
Once you're done exporting, use this site to adjust the date.
You'll need to delete the existing activity on Strava before uploading the fixed file (This will cause you to lose all kudos and comments on that activity).

2. If your GARMIN device doesn't have FIT files, you can export the GPX file from Strava, open the file in a text editor, and replace all the incorrect dates with the correct dates, then re-upload to Strava, per above.

3. If you're recording with the Strava mobile app, check that you have the phone's clock set to update automatically. The issue is most likely caused by two primary issues: Either the phone's clock is set to an incorrect time, causing the Strava app to record the incorrect time data, or the phone's software malfunctions and records just one (or a few) timestamps that are incorrect, either way in the past or way in the future (this happens mainly with Android devices).
To fix this, you can try #2 above, or you can try using the crop tool on the website to trim just the very first or last points which is often where the bad time data is found.

If you're still having trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

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  • I just uploaded yesterdays ride on Strava. In the file properties it shows March 6, however the file says Febr 23. Can I change this somehow? I tried the FIT website, but didnt work either.

  • Strava is not adding my activities to the challenges of the month ... Please ta review the data of my challenges were incorrect

  • Used strava to track two rides on the same day and it posted them nine days apart. The one on the wrong date also had the wrong times. I downloaded the file and it showed two timestamps from the date after the wrong posted date. Cropped a few seconds off the start and it fixed the date and times.

  • I'm getting very wrong dates, like 31 december 1969!
    Android's date is correct.

  • Carregamento de data errada, não consigo corrigir o problema.

  • My smartphone Samsung SM-J105B also saving wrong dates, like 1970. All configurations are correct.

  • This didn't work for me. In fact it is getting worse! Yesterday's ride is coming up in April and the tool website isn't working.

    Please could I have a quick response from strava helping to sort it out?

  • @James, I've started a support ticket for you so that our support team can directly assist.

    @Pietro, this is a known Android issue. On the website, is your elapsed time really huge? If yes, try using the Crop tool on the website to crop the first few points of the activity.

  • I also have the problem with a Samsung Tab A recording the GPS time wrong, so all of my rides are recorded as Dec 31, 1969 or January 1, 1970 and don't show up in my feed on the day I rode. I have successfully changed some of the data manually but it's a big pain. Here is a sample from the tcx file: 1970-01-01T02:20:16.207000+00:00

  • My garmin activities are synchronized from Garmin Connect, the dates are right for my time zone in Garmin Connect and on my Garmin Edge 705, but show up as 1 day earlier on Strava.

  • The rides I've done on the past two days are 5 showing start times that are 5hr earlier than the real start time. I'm using a Suunto Ambit 2S, and have activated the Strava sync in Movescount (It has been working OK since a year ago). The rides show the correct start time in Movescount and on the Ambit 2S, but when synced to Strava they're always 5hr earlier. I already read that disabling GPS timekeeping could help, but I've done that and the issue remains. What can I do?

  • This information is not entirely true. Suunto (when so set up) automatically sends a TCX file to Strava for upload. You can export your own TCX file and open it in Notepad or another text editor. It's easy to read and find the first timestamp which includes date and time. The stamp is accurate, but Strava subtracts 7 hours from it, which can bring the activity into the previous day. On the other hand, the same activity exported as a GPX, which can also be opened in Notepad, you'll see the same sort of timestamp, but, straight from Suunto, it is 7 hours later that the activity took place. The funny thing is, if you import that to Strava, it subtracts those 7 hours and show the correct date and time for the activity. This has only been happening the past two weeks. My assumption is that Suunto always had the wrong timestamp and Strava knew about it and fixed the timestamp automatically. With a recent update to Movescount, I believe Suunto fixed the timestamp in TCX files and so now Strava shows the wrong time - 7 hours earlier. I've submitted this information to Suunto, as well. But as the consumer, I really wish the two companies would talk to each other and sort this out.. probably a simple phone call would do it.

  • There is a known issue posted about Suunto syncing with the wrong activity start time. Please follow this link for updates.

    Wrong activity start time on Suunto/Movescount uploads


  • My iPhone and the MapmyRide app record proper timestamps. Ergo it is NOT in this end but your server (or application software) that is not syncronizi g properly. So sad

  • there are no updates from either suunto or strava for over a week now. Please either fix it or come and explain to my wife that no, I am not running in the middle of the night.
    Time zones math in an API, come, get an intern on it! "we didn't change anything" doesn't mean you shouldn't change anything.
    To be fair to you i'm sending the same comments to Suunto, coz as a user I shouldn't have to care about who's wrong amongst the services that are connected.

  • So previously, I confirmed manual uploads of TCX and GPX from Suunto to Strava and the timestamp issues (GPX is correct, TCX is not), and the weirdness of the timestamp within the files and what Strava does to them. But, upon doing this, I came across another discrepancy that is even more bizarre, and anyone could duplicate this to confirm. Though both GPX and TCX contain identical data (LAT, LONG & TIMESTAMP,) Strava displays different distances and durations for them. FIT also displays something different, but I cannot read the raw FIT file.
    An open water swim I did:
    FIT: 3150 yards in 48:16 1:31 per 100yd
    GPX: 2762 yards in 34:51 1:15 per 100yd
    TCX: 3139 yards in 38:48 1:14 per 100yd
    and Movescount: 2785 yards in 48:00.4 1:43 per 100yd

  • I'm using Endomondo on the same phone and I didn't have any problems about timestamp. I would like to use Strava because it's better than Endomondo, but this bug is annoying :(

  • AMAZING! Thank you so much, the tools are so helpful and easy to use.

  • After suggesting the problem is at Strava's end, Suunto has now admitted it is at fault. Received today (20 July):

    "Dear Suunto Customer,

    After additional investigations, we have concluded that the issue with the time difference does indeed originate in our servers. Unfortunately, at the moment the only workaround available is to manually avoid the moves to avoid this issue.

    We apologize for the inconveniences this situation is generating and we assure you that we are doing everything possible to fix this issue.

    Suunto Customer Support Team"

    ('manually avoid' probably means 'manually transfer')

  • We've heard from Suunto today that they have fixed the issue. Please confirm if your uploads have the correct start time when synced to Strava, thanks for your patience while the issue was addressed.

  • Fixed for me this this morning. I feel like a new man, going out at normal hours again...

  • Just updated, but the issue was not fixed for me :(
    Still getting timestamps from 31/12/1969.

  • Hi Artur - you seem to be recording with the Strava app for Android, not a Suunto device. I've followed up with you via a support ticket. Thanks!

  • Hi Elle,
    I'm having the same issue as Artur on a brand new Samsung J7 running Strava 4.21. Activities are recording with dates like 1/1/1970.
    I've tried resetting the phone's GPS sensor/data using a GPS utility, but that has not helped either. For reference, items recorded on my LG G3 were coming in fine earlier this week (until the phone broke).

  • Hi John,
    I've created a support ticket for you. I hope you hear back with a solution from our tech team soon!

  • Oi Ellen Anderson; Gostaria de informar que minha pedalada da data 05/08/2016 está salva na data incorreta(30/07/2016). Tem como ser corrigido a data que está incorreta?

  • I'm having issue on a new Samsung J1 android 5.1.1 running Strava 5.4.0. All activities are recording with dates 1/1/1970.

  • I have the same issues as many it seems. Getting date stamps of Jan 1 1970 or there abouts. Anyone solve this.

  • Done a ride today and it was showing the 7th Nov instead of the 15th . Checked Garmin connect app on phone and it was showing the 7th?? Deleted and reinstalled the app and the date was back to the 15th . Worth a try 👍

  • Trevor, I created a support ticket for you so that my team can follow up directly.

    Alan - thanks for the tip!

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