iPhone and External Biometric Sensors or Displays

The Strava app for iPhone supports various biometric sensors and external displays; see the information below for details about our supported devices and how to use them.

To get started using your biometric sensors, you'll first need to enable the connection to the channel on which your device communicates.  In most cases, this will mean enabling Bluetooth on your iPhone 4s or newer by going to your phone's Settings page and toggling Bluetooth to ON.  If you're using an ANT+ device, you'll need to plug in your ANT+ receiver - currently, our only supported model is the Wahoo ANT+ Key, only for iPhone models 4s and below. 

Next, you need to tell the Strava app which devices you're using.  To do this, go to the record screen and tap the 'Settings' icon (1) followed by the 'External Sensors' option. 

IMG_8783.png IMG_8784.PNG

From the Devices page (shown above right), you'll be able to enable or disable the use of your phone's Bluetooth connection or ANT+ key (if available), as well as enable or disable individual sensors.  You can also see what devices are already connected, and learn more about compatible sensors and other advice and tips.  Enabling a specific sensor will prompt the Strava app to search for a connection to sensors of that type.

If you want your iPhone to 'forget' a device you've already paired, you can tap the Edit button at the top-right of the Devices page (2), which will bring you to the device management page, shown below.  Tap the red 'minus' button (3) next to the sensor you'd like to remove, then tap the Delete button that will appear to the right of that sensor.  When you're finished, tap the Done button at the top-right of the screen.  In some cases, this can help when you are having issues connecting a device.



For a list of FAQ on biometric sensors, please see here

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