Training Videos (Summit)

This feature is available to Summit members and allows you to access a growing library of training videos that help you improve with a variety of tailored workouts and motivational content.

You can watch these videos as often and whenever you like as long as you have a data connection. We recommend connecting to wifi to avoid possible cellular data costs. When completing a workout video, you can easily create a manual entry that represents your activity on Strava. 

  • How to watch the videos
  • Creating a manual activity
  • FAQs

How to watch the videos

  • On the web, hover over the Training tab at the top of any Strava page and select Training Videos from the drop-down menu.
  • On iOS, select 'More' on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and select 'Training Videos' on the next screen.
  • On Android, select 'Training Videos' from the Navigation Tab to view information about and follow along with Training Videos.
  • Select the video you would like to follow and press the play button when you're ready to get started.

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Creating a Manual Activity

If you watch at least 20% before leaving the training video, you will be prompted to save your ride as a Manual Activity. Saving the manual activity will automatically reset your viewing position to the start of the video.


Do I need any additional equipment?

For cycling videos, you need an indoor trainer to follow the video instructions. For other videos, nothing else is needed.

Can I access these videos on my computer?

Yes, videos are currently available for Summit members on the Strava website. More information here.

Can I play these videos on my iPad or Android Tablet?

Yes, you can install the phone version of the app and play the video in full-screen mode.

Can I stream these on my TV?

Yes, on iOS you can stream to Apple TV using AirPlay and on Android, you can use an HDMI cable to connect to a TV.

Can I associate my trainer activities recorded on dedicated GPS with a video? 

Not at this time. At the end of the workout videos, you have the option of logging the activity without GPS data.

Will I incur charges from my mobile provider when I stream these videos?

If videos are played over your a data connection, not over WiFi, you will incur normal data charges from your mobile provider. Playing videos on your WiFi connection will ensure the best quality and not count against your monthly mobile data limits.

Can I record a Strava activity while I use the videos?

It is not currently possible to use the Strava app to record an indoor activity. If you want to record an indoor activity, you'll need to use a dedicated bike computer or a phone app such as Wahoo Fitness. To record the distance of your indoor activity, you'll need to use a speed and cadence sensor along with a bike computer.

Can I access the video offline?

No, you need a data connection to stream the videos. We recommend Wifi for the best video quality experience. 

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