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Make your indoor training count with our addition of premium training videos brought to you by CTS.

This feature is available to users with premium membership and allows you to access a library of rotating training videos that help you improve with a variety of  tailored workouts.

You can watch these videos as often and whenever you like as long as you have a data connection. We recommend connecting through Wifi to avoid possible additional cellular data costs. When completing a video you can easily create a manual entry that represents your activity on Strava

How to watch the videos

Select the Training Videos option from the 'More' tab in the Tab Bar as shown below left, and you will see a list of all available training videos, as well as some basic information about the workout they follow (below right).  

Training Video Page    


Video Details Page

If you leave the video after watching for more than twenty percent, you will be prompted to save your ride as a Manual Activity. Saving a manual activity will automatically reset your viewing position to the start of the video.
Creating a Manual Activity




Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I incur charges from my mobile provider when I stream these videos?

If videos are played over your mobile connection (non-wifi), you will incur normal data charges from your mobile provider if you exceed your monthly mobile data limits. Playing videos on your WiFi connection will insure the best quality and not count against your monthly mobile data limits.


What equipment do I need to use CTS videos?  

All you need is Strava Premium and a screen with internet access on which you can watch the video.


Can I record a Strava activity while I use the videos?

It is not currently possible to use the Strava app to record an indoor activity. If you want to record an indoor activity, you'll need to use a dedicated bike computer or a phone app such as Wahoo Fitness. To record the distance of your indoor activity, you'll need to use a speed and cadence sensor along with a bike computer. 

Wahoo Fitness for Android

Wahoo Fitness for iOS

Can I access the video offline?

No. You need a data connection to stream the videos. We recommend Wifi for the best video quality experience.


What's new / better / different about the CTS Training Videos?  

Training videos from CTS provide more specific coaching guidance and explain the science and reasoning for certain workouts.  They motivate a broader range of cyclists of all abilities.


Why are you partnering with CTS?  

CTS has some of the industry’s best coaches, and Strava worked with them to bring this top-notch coaching expertise to Strava Premium athletes.  The coaches at CTS have helped thousands of amateur and professional athletes around the world.  They’ve also been recognized by leading organizations such as USA Triathlon, Kurt Kinetic, Outside Magazine, the Amgen Tour of California and the USA Pro Challenge for their proven coaching methodology.  


Why didn’t we keep The Sufferfest in addition to CTS?

We were unable to reach an agreement to continue offering them.


In what languages will the new videos be available?

The videos will be available in English.


How frequently will new CTS videos be added?

Each quarter, we’ll add 3 CTS training videos to Strava Premium.


Can I stream these on my TV?

You can use Airplay to connect with a TV.


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