The Segment Explorer - iPhone

The Segment Explorer provides a way to find new and popular segments to ride or run

To get to the Segment Explorer, tap the 'More' button at the bottom right corner of the screen, then select 'Segment Explorer.'

The map will initially focus on your current location, but you can move and zoom the map display wherever you'd like. The most popular segments within the displayed view will be highlighted.

Switch between Running and Cyclingsegments - or select to search specifically for categorized climb segments - with the Filter button shown below.  You can also select to view popular segments by location as a list, instead of displayed on the map.

IMG_9236.png IMG_9238.PNG

Tap on a segment marker to view the name of the segment, and tap again on the name of the segment to navigate to that segment page - shown above right.  From here you can view overall information about the segment, analyze your recent efforts, and view the full leaderboard (with all Premium filtering options present.)
IMG_9239.PNG  IMG_9240.PNG



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