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The Strava mobile app pairs with the Apple Watch for a streamlined recording experience. Version 4.9 of the Strava iOS app is compatible with Apple Watch OS 2.1 and can be downloaded from iTunes.


  • On-wrist display: Athletes can track their time, speed, and distance on Apple Watch in real time while keeping their phones safely tucked away.

  • Weekly training progress at a Glance: Utilizing Apple Watch’s innovative Glances feature, Strava summarizes weekly training volume and progress towards personalized goals with a simple swipe up.

  • Immediate hands-free results: Completed activities automatically sync with Strava and results are instantly summarized on the Apple Watch display.  

  • Fast transitions between ride and run mode:  Multi-sport athletes can easily toggle between ride and run mode by using Apple Watch’s Force Touch sensing capabilities.

  • Live Segments: Premium members will hear and see their time after completing popular and starred segments. 


Press Shoe/Bike to Start During recording Weekly training progress   Finish or switch sport Finished activity summary
IMG_5154.PNG IMG_5036.PNG IMG_5151.PNG IMG_5148.PNG  Press-summary-large.png 


How it Works

To record a new activity:

  • Open the Strava app on the Apple Watch.
  • Press the shoe icon (You can force touch the shoe or bike to switch the sport type).
  • The watch face will say "recording" at the top of the screen and you'll see the timer running.
  • Force touch the watch face or swipe left to pause/stop the activity.
  • If you need to change the activity type during the recording, force touch the watch face and use the 'switch sport' option. 


To finish an activity: 

  • You can finish an activity by force touching the watch face or by swiping left. 
  • Click the "stop" then "finish" button and you'll be taken to your saved activity summary.
  • Scroll down to view the summary of your activity.


Pairing Strava to the Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor

In order to use the Apple Watch's built in Heart Rate monitor you must give Strava permission to read heart rate data from within the Apple Health app.

  • Open the Strava app on the Apple Watch as if you were about to record an activity. This will open a prompt on both your phone and the watch. 
  • Follow the prompts on your phone, asking you to allow Strava to access and update your Health data. Tap "Open Strava". 
  • This will open Apple Health on your phone. From here you can scroll down to "Allow Strava to Read Data" and enable heart rate. 
  • You will now see your heart rate on the Strava Apple Watch app in the lower right-hand corner of the record screen. 

Important Notes:

  • You do not need to enable bluetooth or heart rate sensors in the Strava iPhone app in order to use the heart rate data from the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will not show up as an option in the sensor page on the Strava iPhone app. 
  • Your heart rate will not appear on the recording Screen of the Strava iPhone app, but will appear on the record screen of the Strava Apple Watch app.  




Will Strava use the heart rate collected by the Apple Watch on-wrist heart rate monitor?

The app does work with Apple Watch’s on-wrist heart rate sensors at this time. Please refer to the instructions above on how to use the heart rate from the Apple Watch. 


If you record an activity with the Apple Watch fitness app with heart rate, can you upload it to Strava in order to see heart rate?

Not at this point in time.


Do I need to carry my iPhone with me?

Apple Watch relies on your iPhone for its GPS signal, so you’ll need to ensure it’s within a few feet of your Apple Watch while you’re training or racing. You can keep your iPhone safely tucked away in a backpack, pocket, or armband while still getting all your stats in real-time on your Apple Watch.


Can I view my Strava Routes on the Apple Watch?

At this time, Strava Routes are not available on the Apple Watch. 


The Strava app for Apple Watch is not showing up on my watch.  

Make sure your iPhone is running on the current iOS. You may need to tell your phone to download the app to your Apple Watch. Go to the Apple Watch app on your phone and scroll down to find Strava. Tap into Strava and make sure “Show App on Apple Watch” is turned on.


How do I see my Strava stats on the Apple Watch while I'm cycling/running?

This is a setting in the Apple Watch iPhone app. To enable it, go to General > Activate on wrist raise > Resume previous activity.


How do I get Strava for Apple Watch?

The newest version of the Strava iOS app is compatible with Apple Watch and can be downloaded for free on iTunes.


How much does Strava for Apple Watch cost?  

Strava can be downloaded for free on iTunes.  


How do I pair my iPhone with my Apple Watch?

Please reference this video for instructions on how to pair your phone with the watch. 


How is Strava for Apple Watch different from Apple’s Workout app?

Strava for Apple Watch is the only way to experience Strava’s acclaimed technology and intuitive, sport-specific design directly from your wrist. The app integrates with your Strava account, enabling Apple Watch to display Strava’s unique, motivating features and connect with millions of athletes around the world.


How can I get my Strava activities to appear in Apple's Workout app?

At this time, there isn't a way to pull in Strava activities unless you use the Workout app to save your workout.


Do I need the Apple Watch Sport to use Strava for Apple Watch?   

No, Strava is compatible with all Apple Watch styles.    


How do I check/update my watch OS?

To check your Apple Watch OS, go to the Apple Watch app > General > Software Update.


There is a delay in updating my stats when I raise my wrist, what's going on?

We are aware of this issue and agree that it's a problem. Unfortunately the Strava app is not allowed to run in background which is why there is a delay in updating your stats when you raise your wrist. We did not feel that it was helpful to show you old values so we currently gray out the stats until the app can update. 


The green running character remains on the Apple Watch face when the activity has been completed. My battery is getting drained. 

This happens when you save the activity using the phone instead of the Strava Apple Watch app. Please save and finish the activity using the Apple Watch app to prevent this issue. 

Where can I share my feedback on Strava for Apple Watch?

Please feel free to share your suggestions and feedback for the Apple Watch on this community forum. 




 This article was updated on 12/16/2015



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